How To Survive A Red-Eye

If you have ever taken a red-eye, you know how difficult it can be to arrive at your destination well-rested. This may be because of the lack of sleep or general discomfort during a flight. We’re highlighting some helpful tips for how you can survive a red-eye flight.

Invest in a good eye mask

If you travel a lot, you need a quality eye mask more than others. This will block out the light and help you sleep better. The best eye masks are made of either silk or cashmere as they’re delicate on the skin and feel great. If you have your makeup done, don’t worry, there’s a sleep mask that won’t disturb your mascara. It’s called Bucky 40 blinks ultralight sleep mask. It has a con-caved material that avoids touching your eyes while keeping it dark.

Noise-canceling headphones

It can be hard to sleep over the sound of a crying baby or chatter from other passengers on board. To drift off, you may need to block out all noise. Noise-canceling headphones will eliminate most sounds and help you to sleep better. Add some great ambient music, and you’ll be good to go.

Neck pillows

The proper alignment for your neck is essential when trying to rest to avoid arriving cranky. Neck pillows can give you a comfortable posture, which will help you fall and stay asleep. They also support your spine when you’re in a sitting position. Choose a thick neck pillow for the most support.

Wear comfy clothes

It’s usually advised you travel in clothes you can comfortably stretch in. This will prevent you from feeling claustrophobic and enable you to rest better. Something like leggings or sweats is our recommendation. Choose anything that isn’t restrictive, so avoid a pair of tight jeans!

Surviving the red-eye is tough, but you can take steps to make the journey easier on yourself. One of the first things you should avoid doing before getting onboard is drinking caffeinated beverages since they can make you stay up for extended periods of time.

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