Four Reasons To Keep Castor Oil

Castor oil is a popular vegetable oil that has been used for decades. Aside from its apparent usefulness in domestic settings, castor oil is also beneficial for medical and cosmetic purposes. In more recent times, this essential oil has been found to provide numerous benefits for healthy skin and hair.

Skin Moisturizer

Castor oil offers a natural alternative for locking moisture into your skin because of its monosaturated fatty acid called ricinoleic acid – a common ingredient in cleansers and lotions. Castor oil also has the ability to stimulate collagen and elastin – two cosmetically important tissues deep within the skin. As we age, collagen cells decline, causing wrinkling. It should be noted that castor oil may cause allergic reactions to some skin types. Castor oil is thick, so it needs to be mixed with a thinner carrier oil before application.

Acne Control

Acne is a source of concern for many people, and it is most common in young adults and teenagers. Inflammation of the skin is the core cause of acne, and the use of castor oil can help reduce inflammation, radically reducing redness and symptoms. Castor oil by its nature is very soothing, and is a natural alternative to store-bought options where combating acne is concerned.

Wound Healing Properties

Castor oil contains properties that promote skin healing. It helps reduce the dryness of skin and reduces dead skin cell build-up, both of which are factors that can contribute to a wound not healing efficiently and adequately.

Healthy hair

Since it’s a natural moisturizer, castor oil can help keep your scalp and hair healthy. Regular application of castor oil helps lubricate your hair, cutting down the chances of constant breakage. Here is the best part, castor oil can help you treat and rid your hair of dandruff and flaking.

Are you looking for an excellent alternative to store-bought options for any of the functions above? Keep castor oil handy for its numerous uses. As with anything else, before applying to general areas, make sure to do an initial test on a small portion of the skin.

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