The Nail Trends You’re Going to Want This Year

Nails are an integral part of 2019 fashion, so there are lots of trends you’re going to want to have on your hands this year. Take a look at all the trends that are going to be hot in 2019, and see which looks you’re going to experimenting with all year long.


This year, 3D nails are hotter than ever. And the hottest 3D accessory for nails is pearls. You won’t be using real pearls, obviously, but you will be making a stunning impression regardless. This trend is perfectly matched with nude nail polish. Use nail glue to secure small white beads directly to your nails in any pattern, or cover your nails completely. There are all kinds of ways to enjoy this trend. You can glue on just one pearl bead per nail, or fit as many as possible onto your nail surface.


Metallic shades are trendy in nails this year — and the more shine, the better. You want metallic nails that gleam and glitter, so feel free to use glitter polish as a top coat on your favorite metallic shade. Look for chrome nail polish if you want the trendiest shade of the metallic trend.


Sheer nails are going to be everywhere in 2019. Choose a nail polish that can be applied in a very thin, very pale coat to give your nails a slight hue, but make sure they’re sheer. If you do, you’ll be right on trend and ready to make a stunning impression everywhere you go. This manicure is meant to look a little unfinished, and that’s part of its beauty.


Print nails are popular this year. And while it’s a pretty difficult manicure to create and pull off, it’s definitely worth trying a few times. Plaid, animal print, any print you can think of is perfect if you want truly trendy nails. There are many different stencils you can use to achieve this effect.


Yellow in just about every shade is hot in 2019 nails. Mustard, fluorescent, yellow-lime, canary — it’s all trendy, so it’s all on the table. Try pairing yellow nails with contrasting clothing choices, like rich purple or deep blue, to make a stunning style statement. Yellow can be warm, bright, neutral, vivid or anything else you want it to be, depending on the shade you choose, and that makes this a great choice for lots of different nail looks.

Diamond Sparkle

Add rhinestones to your nails, because in 2019 your manicure needs to be extra. Glittering diamond sparkle nails are everywhere this year, so go ahead and go for as much bling as possible. Rhinestone accents in all shapes and sizes are hot, and you can add as few or as many rhinestones as you like to make your nails sparkle.

Trendy Nails

Give yourself trendy nails this year, and experiment with all the looks that are going to be hot in 2019. Maybe you’ll never actually be a celebrity, but you can definitely have nails that are just as gorgeous as any A-lister’s.

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