The Best Makeup Bags for Every Occasion

Makeup bags are essential in keeping your beauty routine organized. Cosmetic bags should make your life easier! We’ve all had our share of the bags too small to fit our favorite products in, or the kind that are hard to clean, thus making the entire bag a mess.

The thing is, there are cosmetic bags that are made for your specific needs. You don’t need to toss everything in a bag haphazardly when there are affordable makeup bags that make taking your bag on the go a lot easier.

Lay-n-Go Drawstring Makeup Bag, $19.99 (Shop here)

For the minimalists looking for something that is great for traveling but manufactured with a little less structure and compartments, this is the makeup bag for you. You can toss your staples in and tie them up to go. The benefit to this bag is you don’t have to search for products and if you like having your makeup arranged on a flat surface when you’re doing your beauty routine, this bag is perfect for that purpose.

This is the ideal minimalist travel bag or a backup travel bag for quick touch-ups. Small zipper pocket included for hair ties and bobby pins, water-resistant and machine washable. This is a great gift idea for bridesmaids to pack up and use for that debaucherous night of fun before the big day.

Train Case, $18.98 (Shop here)

Tons of brands make train cases. This is a makeup bag that is big, sturdy and spacious. It’s ideal if you are traveling for a long time, have a lot of products and brushes. This is a great starter bag for aspiring makeup artists.

It has a place for your brushes, compartments for every size product and can customize to fit your needs. It is lightweight, waterproof and holds up to spills and wear and tear.

BAGSMART Toiletry Bag, $22-30 (Shop here)

This bag can hang on the back of your door or lay down easily on a flat surface. It has clear sizable compartments for everything. This is the perfect boudoir on-the-go essential bag, complete with front pockets for things you need quick access to, like lip balm and mascara.

Glossier The Beauty Bag, $28 (Shop here)

This new and adorable beauty bag was created specifically for those on-the-go jaunts. It was created to fit all your essentials tightly and safely and ensure they can actually stand up, which is a huge plus for keeping your makeup and brushes organized and clean.

This pink, sleek and bold bag with red details fit the brand’s cool aesthetic and it’s so practical. There are plenty of pockets to keep you organized so nothing will fall into the abyss of your makeup bag again.


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