The Benefits of Jade Rolling

In the last few years, Jade Rolling has become one of the most popular must-have beauty items. Jade Rolling is an ancient Chinese practice, used to massage the face, keep a youthful glow, and improve blood circulation in the face. Ancient civilizations really knew what they were talking about when it came to beauty and health, with ancient practices gaining so much popularity today. So, what are the benefits of jade rolling? Should it be a staple of your beauty routine? The answer is definitely yes.

Benefits of Jade Rolling

Jade Rolling has many amazing benefits for the skin, which is why the tradition has withstood all this time. The most obvious benefit of them all is the lymphatic drainage which promotes the body’s natural detoxification process leaving you with brighter, more youthful skin. Jade rollers also improve blood circulation in the skin which helps with irritated and puffy skin, especially when the jade roller is a cool temperature. Many people choose to keep their jade rollers in the refrigerator to receive more of the amazing benefits from jade rolling. Jade rolling also helps with the sculpting and toning of your facial features. Most importantly though, it feels extremely good and is very calming for the mind and the skin. Jade rolling is the perfect addition to your morning or evening skincare routine.

How To Use

Jade Rollers are extremely easy to use, but you can follow a few simple guidelines. The best way to use the jade roller is to begin at the lowest part of the face at the chin and slowly working your way outward toward your ears. Make sure to apply more pressure when using upward motions, and lighter when coming down. Follow the contour of your face, and make sure to avoid the sensitive eye area. Some jade rollers have an additional small roller at the bottom that can be used for more sensitive areas on the skin such as the eye area. The Jade Roller works best on clean, exfoliated skin but can also be used to apply face oil or serums!

Product Suggestions

When looking for the right jade roller, don’t get overwhelmed. There are so many great options out there, and we have rounded up some of our favorites for you! You can choose between Rose Quartz or Jade. If these suggestions don’t suit your needs, check out amazon for many different brands of jade rollers.

Herbivore – Jade Facial Roller $30

Skin Gym – Rose Quartz Vibrating Beauty Roller $69

Angela Caglia Skincare – Rose Quartz Sculpting Roller $195

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