Target Beauty Gems

There are amazing beauty products from all brands and at all price points. While you used to be able to find your holy-grail drugstore products at any store, many have become more exclusive. Some of the best affordable beauty products of all time are hidden in the aisles or the webpages of Target. Target has a number of exclusive brands that stand out amongst the over-crowded drugstore beauty landscape.

These products aren’t just good, they’re great. They even tend to sell out. While you might not have heard of some of these, they are closely guarded cult-favorites of Target beauty gurus. We call them the hidden beauty gems of Target.

But now, they aren’t so hidden.

Pixi Glow Tonic (click here)

Pixi Glow Tonic is a holy grail for skincare enthusiasts and has been for several years. It is an intensive exfoliating treatment for those that deal with rough skin texture. It is not for the faint of heart and can cause dryness if you have sensitive skin, but it so effective.

This toner leaves you glowing by breaking down dead skin, build up, and oil. If you’re sensitive to fragrance you might want to pass it by, but otherwise this product is a must-have for many.

Makeup Geek Monochromatic Eyeshadow Quad (click here)

Makeup Geek is an unmatched beauty brand that takes its time to launch the best products around. They are serious about research and development. The brand recently reformulated and relaunched their eyeshadows as quads available at Target.

These quads are ideal for someone who knows what they like and sticks with it. If you like to play, however, the individual shades pop out of the quad for mix-and-match color fun. With warm tones, golds, mauves, and the most gorgeous olive-toned palette you’ve ever seen, you can create stunning eye looks with a simple quad that goes above and beyond the more well-known brands.

Sonia Kashuk Makeup Brushes (click here)

Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes were some of the first I ever tried, and I haven’t looked back. These brushes are soft, high quality, and, with proper care, they last ages. These high-quality bristles come at a fraction of the price you might see at Sephora for more prestigious brand-name brushes.

SK offers classic brushes as well as fun colors and designs, but no matter your style, they are outstanding at blending, applying, softening, and buffing. You can buy them individually if you’re looking for something specific, or go all out with a kit so you have everything you need.

Kristin Ess Signature Hair Gloss (click here)

You may be accustomed to the world of drugstore hair dyes, but this gloss is like nothing you’ve used before, at least not outside of a salon. If you want to keep up your at-home or salon color, this is the product for you.

It isn’t a dye, it’s a gloss. It hydrates the hair and evens out discrepancies in color tone. It can enhance warmth, cool down brassiness, or just reinvigorate your color neutrally. There are multiple shades to choose from, or you can opt for clear. This miracle gloss keeps your hair healthy and your color looking good until your next appointment. Yes, please!

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