So, You Decided To Finally Go To The Salon

So, You’re Going to Get Your First Post-COVID Haircut.

Firstly, when we say “post-COVID,” that’s not a statement that COVID is over, just a statement that this is your first haircut since COVID began.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s important to know what to expect when you get back in that big comfy salon chair. Hint: It’s not wine or snacks. Recently, I went for my first snip since February, and after chatting with my stylist, it seems their precautions are standard across the board for salons managing risk for their clients and employees.

Prepare to Stand Outside

Yep, they know it’s hot and the middle of summer, but the waiting room is a thing of the past. The idea is to keep as few humans in the building as necessary, so making clients wait outside until their stylist is ready is a must. Don’t worry, they’ll forgive you if you end up coming in a little sweaty.

Speaking of Hot…

Your salon may take your temperature when you enter the building. For my salon specifically, if anyone comes in with 100.4 temperature or higher, they’ll have to reschedule their appointment.

Don’t Bring Friends or Family

Normally, it would be no problem to bring someone along to hang out and chat with during your cut or color, but as mentioned above, the fewer people in the building the better. You can send selfies or FaceTime, but the salon is likely going to have a very strict no-guest policy. Come to your appointment on your own.

Better Bring Your Mask

You’ll be required to wear a mask the entire time you’re at your appointment. Your stylists are professionals – they’ll find a way to work around the earlobes for whatever you’re having done. For their sanity and safety, do not take off your mask.

P.S. — This may not be the rule for all salons, but at my salon I was requested to bring two masks: One for the appointment, and a clean one to change into afterwards.

Don’t Be Alarmed…

…but your stylist might be in full-on PPE—face shields and all. It’s for their safety. It’s for your safety.

Say Goodbye to Refreshments

This should be a no-brainer, but if you’re wearing a mask for the entire appointment, that leaves little room for snacking or drinking. I know, I too missed sipping a glass of champagne as someone gently brushed my tresses, but it’s a small price to pay to be COVID-free and have great looking hair.

No Cash, Please

Come prepared to pay for your appointment with Venmo or a credit card. Many salons are not accepting cash at this time to minimize contact. This includes tips for your stylist. Some salons are adopting a Venmo tipping system. Make sure to check in with your salon ahead of time to find the most appropriate way to ensure your stylist gets paid and tipped.

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