Skincare Rules to Follow in Your 20s

Skincare is not a destination but a journey. The results that come from a good skincare routine are accumulative, meaning they are the positive results that have built up over time. That means your number one skincare rule above all else will be to remain consistent.

Beauty is not as complicated a subject as it may seem at times, and we’ve tried to simplify it even further for you by gathering these top skincare rules you should follow while in your 20s (and beyond).

Always take off your makeup.

Yes, this is one of those rules that everyone repeats, and we all know that it’s important but cut corners on. Well, your 20s are the time to learn to leave those corners un-cut. Taking your make-up off when you should is the best way to prolong your beauty by not exposing your skin to synthetic ingredients that might look nice, but do little for your skin’s health in the long run.

Always use SPF.

Another rule we hear but neglect occasionally. This skincare rule is probably the most important if you’re serious about prolonging your beauty and skin health. Getting direct sun on your delicate facial skin with no buffer is brutal on your skin’s youthful appearance. This is one of those rules you’ll be telling 20-year-olds to follow when you’re no longer in your 20s yourself.

Start retinol. 

Your 20s is the perfect time to start retinol because the best time to fight aging is before it becomes visibly apparent. Retinol will help to prolong your youthful skin by protecting and boosting your collagen. Just remember, it’s always easier to protect than repair something.

Don’t pick at your skin. 

Please, if there’s any skincare rule you get a handle on in your 20s, let it be this one. Has picking at your skin and popping zits ever helped you? It’s likely you already have some scars to prove otherwise. Let’s just put it this way—picking at your skin is never good, even when it seems like it worked. Just don’t.

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