Scrunchie Hair Styles You Should Try Out

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Thought you left your scrunchie back in the ’90s? The oversized hair tie is making a comeback! It’s actually for the best because scrunchies do less damage to your hair than a regular hair tie, so it’s time to start experimenting with it again. Below are some ways you can wear a scrunchie beyond the side ponytail of the past.

  1. High Ponytail: Add a chic touch to a high ponytail. Start by making sure your hair is completely smooth as you lock it in a high ponytail and secure it with a scrunchie. Try a velvet one like this one from Urban Outfitters (Click Here) to make the look more sophisticated.
  2. Messy Bun: Pull your hair up into a messy bun and slide a scrunchie onto the base. If you want it to look more stylized, you can leave a center part visible. Use a scrunchie with a bow, like these from Athleta (click here), for a cute accent.
  3. Side Braid: Seal your side braid with a scrunchie.
  4. Space Buns: For a more fun and crafty look, try out space buns. Make two buns on the side of your head, and add some scrunchies for support.
  5. Twisted Half-Up Pony: A half-up pony is when you pull all the hair that’s directly around your face into a ponytail, and it sits on top of the rest of your hair.
  6. Low Bun: Create a low bun on the back of your head. Use a silk scrunchie, like the ones from Silk (click here), for this polished look.
  7. Half Up Double Braid: This look starts with two dutch or french braids around the part. As it gets to the back of the head, you can either put the remaining hair in a bun or a pony while the rest of the hair is down.
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  1. I have so thick hair that the only thing that works the best for me is scrunchies. So I guess I am stuck in the 90s.

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