Reusable Beauty Products that Can Help Save the Earth

When looking to lower your carbon footprint and live a more sustainable life, it’s important to consider how you can improve in every area of your life. This includes re-evaluating your beauty routine. The beauty industry, on average, produces 120 billion packages every year, which is responsible for about 18 million acres of forest devastation per year. These numbers don’t account for the amount of waste produced by beauty consumers with single-use cotton balls, makeup wipes, floss, and cotton swabs. Opting for reusable beauty products is a simple but effective change you can make in your day-to-day life to protect the environment. Even though the beauty industry has a long way to go, new earth-friendly brands are very creative in coming up with new, easy ways for consumers to make more sustainable choices.

Conscious Beauty Alternatives for Your Daily Routine

Reusable Makeup Wipes

If you decide to make even one change to your beauty routine, make it this one. Just like plastic water bottles, straws, and bags end up in our landfills, so do single-use makeup wipes. Switching to reusable wipes will be a great choice for your skin and the planet. When the wipes get dirty, throw them in a delicates bag and wash them with your other white laundry.

Our pick: Bamboo Makeup Removal Pads (click here)

Mouthwash Tablets

Instead of buying a plastic container of mouthwash every few weeks, opt for a more sustainable version in the form of mouthwash tablets. They typically come in a glass jar or reusable container and can be dissolved in water. This eliminates single-use plastic waste from typical mouthwash.

Our Pick: By Human Kind Mouthwash (click here)

Reusable Cotton Swabs

If you use cotton swabs on a regular basis to touch up your makeup, an easy and convenient switch is changing over to reusable cotton swabs. These “cotton swabs” are actually made of silicone and come with a cute case, so you can throw them in your makeup bag or purse. Wash them with water and a dab of soap.

Our Pick: Rnkr Reusable Cotton Swabs (click here)

Makeup Brush Pad

A sustainable option for cleaning your makeup brushes is a silicone makeup brush pad. The pad gets rid of dirt, oil, and bacteria build-up left behind by your makeup on your brushes.

Our Pick: Brush Hero Brush Cleansing Pad (click here)

Facial Cleansing Tool

If you have ever used a facial cleansing tool, you know how amazing and clean your skin feels after you use it. You also know that the fibers on the brush has to be replaced every few months or it becomes not-so-clean. Thankfully, there are facial cleansing tools made of silicone that can be washed and reused, rather than needing to buy a new brush every few months.

Our Pick: Clean Facial Cleansing Device (click here)

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