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Earlier this year, Pinterest Predicts included “nailscapes” as one of its trend predictions for 2022. What are nailscapes? They are nail designs that incorporate landscapes or items found in nature. Here are some of our favorites!


(image via pinterest via popsugar)

Geodes are spherical rocks with hollow cavities, each different from the next. They are breathtakingly beautiful and make for the perfect inspiration for creative nail art! Here are some of Pinterest’s geode nail art inspirations!


(image via pinterest via my cozy live)

The ocean is full of different shades, from deep blues and sea greens to varying gradations of white. For your nail art, try rich blues with accent tones, lighter turquoise-inspired hues, or combine the two and mimic the ocean.


(image pinterest via nail polish society)

The desert consists of different gradients of hues like brown, green, red, and pink. Desert nails can incorporate cactus designs, flowers, rustic tones, neutral shades, or even shimmers.

Galaxy Nails

(image via pinterest via etsy)

When we think of the galaxy, we think of infinite beauty, light, stars, and colors, including shades of purple, pink, blue, and black. Here are some more galaxy nail pins for inspiration.

Aurora Nails

(image via pinterest via vogue germany)

An aurora is a color phenomenon that causes brilliant lights to spiral and flicker over the night sky. They are usually seen near the North Pole (aurora borealis or northern lights) and the South Pole (aurora australis or southern lights). Some aurora nails reflect a mix of colors, while others are more gem-like. Here is some more aurora nail inspiration.

Which of these nailscape designs is your favorite?

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