Mix and Match Your Makeup to Prep and Play

While it’s easy and efficient, too many women fall into the same look on the daily. We get it. Way back when, you established your make-up routine with your go-to products sitting at the top of your bag. There’s no need to dig deep or check out the cosmetics aisle. It’s a quick trip to the store to refill or re-stock. You know what you want.

While the five-minute face is perfect for early mornings, it’s time to stray from the same ol’ black mascara and red lip. Whether you’re all about the minimum or maximum layers, changing up your look will help to expand your sense of play (in all areas of your life) and grow your confidence. Feel free to start slow and save the mixing and matching for the weekend. Before you know it, you’ll be shaking things up every day of the week.

First thing’s first, changing your routine doesn’t mean cleaning out your wallet. To save money (and time), take a little looksy in your make-up bag and sort out all of your extras. You know, all of the stuff that you don’t show love. In addition to your top products and purchases, you probably have a bag of belongings from over the years. From samples and testers to the best to buy of last season, your goods are stacked to the rim and your collection is bigger than you think.

Whether finding multiple ways to make the most of your go-to products or exploring all of the goods that you tend to pass over and pay no attention, give these tips and tricks a try.

Cherry Cheeks

Try using your fave shade of lipstick to bring color to your cheeks. Following a little add + dab action, use the tip of your index finger to spread the red. Beyond a fresh face, the two-in-one is convenient when hitting the road sans your purse of life. No need to squish and squeeze all of your stuff into your clutch for a night on the town.

A Fine Line

Try replacing an eyebrow pencil with a lip liner to shape your brows. As a last minute filler, a liner works to lengthen and thicken your perfect pair. With a long, long list of neutral shades available to browse and buy (pun intended), coming across a match should be easy.

A Slick Pick

Try looking for an everything balm to cover all of your bases. Described as “bottled brilliance,” a favorite is by Delectable. Enhancing natural beauty, the pocket-size essential plumps pouts, glosses lips, pops cheekbones, tames brows and brightens dark circles—plus, so much more.

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