I Tried Curology—Here’s What I Thought

I am fortunate that I never had severe acne as a teenager. Something about entering my early 20s, however, set my hormones into overdrive. Ever since then, I have struggled with hormonal acne on my chin—and wearing a mask every day for the past year hasn’t helped.

As important as it is to protect myself and my loved ones from COVID-19, I couldn’t live with these #mascne breakouts much longer without driving myself insane. My skin had become blotchy, bumpy, and unrecognizable.

When I started to see Instagram ads for the brand Curology, I thought, why the heck not? For those of you who aren’t familiar, Curology is a virtual dermatology service that creates custom skincare formulations for your skin (click here).

The Process

Signing up for Curology starts with an online quiz to assess your skin concerns. (I selected “acne,” “redness,” and “blackheads.”) Curology isn’t just for acne or oily skin, though. They have formulations for dryness, texture, hyper-pigmentation, and fine lines, too.

You also upload some selfies for your dermatology provider, who prescribes a custom formula designed especially for you. I felt awkward uploading my (non-smiling) selfies for a total stranger, but that was worth it when I received my custom formula.

Your Curology journey starts with a trial-size custom formula, as well as trial-size versions of their cleanser and moisturizer. I stuck with the cleanser and moisturizer I already had since I’m very loyal to them.

The Results

I’ve used the custom formula my dermatologist prescribed for about two months now, and my hormonal acne has all but vanished. My custom formulation includes clindamycin, azelaic acid, and zinc pyrithione.

My Curology formula works like magic for my skin. Even so, there are a few things I wish I knew before starting Curology:

  1. It’s normal for your formula to cause some sensitivity at first. I experienced redness and mild stinging for the first few weeks. At first, I panicked. But during my first biweekly check-in with my provider, I found out that it’s completely normal to experience these symptoms when introducing your skin to new active ingredients, as long as they aren’t extreme.
  2. Consistency is so important when it comes to using your Curology formula. For the first month, I used the treatment sporadically, and I didn’t see great results. It wasn’t until I became more disciplined in my skincare routine that I started to see my hormonal acne disappear.


I will certainly be ordering my full-size custom treatments. If you’re unsure if Curology will work for you, it’s worth trying for the $5 shipping-and-handling fee (your trial size set is free). Anyone can try it! Aside from treating acne, Curology also creates custom formulas for dryness, hyper-pigmentation, and other skin woes. Custom skincare has never been so easy.


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