How To Fix Cakey Makeup

Cakey makeup happens when you layer too much foundation and powder on your face, which can begin to crack throughout the day. Yes, we all want our skin to look flawless and our makeup to look great all day, but sometimes it’s hard to achieve! Here are tips, including things to avoid, when trying to fix cakey makeup without ruining your entire look.

Avoid adding more foundation!

The last thing you want to do when you notice your makeup getting cakey is add more foundation to cover it up. Doing this will only lead to more build-up, which might eventually leave you worse off than you were before.

Avoid adding more powder.

While a quick dab of powder may help, rubbing it in will only make the situation worse. You should lightly blend the makeup you already applied using a beauty blender or a powder brush.

Using water to clean some off is a bad idea!

Using water or makeup remover wipes will make the patch you are trying to clean up look different from the other parts of your face.

You should use your finger.

When you notice only a small part of your face is affected, for instance, the bridge of your nose when you take off your sunglasses, simply using your finger could be the best option. Remember not to rub, just dab.

Apply a mist to set your makeup.

While this is not necessarily a tip for fixing cakey makeup, it could help you avoid the situation in the first place.

The key to ensuring you don’t have cakey makeup is applying it in thin layers and finding the right makeup for your skin type!

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