How Often Should You Be Washing Your Hair?

The debate about how often we should wash our hair has been going on for years. Some people swear by washing their hair every day, while others say you should only wash it every week or two. The truth is: There is not a single right answer. You should wash your hair according to its texture, condition, and your lifestyle. Here are some tips for deciding how often you should wash your hair.

Check Your Hair Type

The first step in determining how often you should wash your hair is to understand your hair type. Some people think there are only three types of hair – curly, wavy, and straight – but hair can also be categorized as fine, coarse, oily, dry, frizzy, and more. As a basic guide, there are 12 hair types ranging from type 1A (fine, thin, straight hair prone to oil) to type 4C (coarse, thick, coiled hair).

Fine Hair Washing Schedule

If your hair is on the finer side, then experts recommend you wash it daily. This is because you have more oil glands on your scalp, making it easier to become greasy. Be sure to use high-quality shampoo and allow your hair to air-dry when possible, which will keep it healthy and hydrated.

Coarse Hair Washing Schedule

One benefit of coarse hair is that it holds up to scalp oils. However, coarse hair tends to be drier and more difficult to style when over-washed. Although you should wash your hair to remove impurities and product buildup, about once per week is recommended. However, you can increase this up to 14 days if your hair is not greasy.

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