Hairstyles to try when you’re finally reunited with your stylist

Sometimes a style update or even reinvention begins by having a chat with your hairstylist. Just like fashion trends, hair has their very own that accompany looks on the runway. While in past years we’ve seen variations of ombr​é​ or longer cuts paired with waves, this year we’ve seen the exact opposite presented. Let’s look at the following and see what ideas we’ll be bringing to our hairstylist when we’re finally reunited.

Curtain Bangs

Since so many people have been stuck at home, there’s been viral videos going around the internet of people giving themselves bangs out of boredom. While some have been super successful, others have turned into the ultimate disaster. If you want bangs without the potential of cutting your own tragedy, bring up the idea of curtain bangs to your stylist. The look sweeps around the sides of the face and doesn’t require as much maintenance as those who have bangs cut straight across the forehead.

Wavy Jaw-Length Cut

If tired of having longer locks, opt for a cut that goes as long as the jawline. This is perfect for those that don’t want the commitment of an ultra-short look, and will keep you feeling cooler in the summer heat. Give the look some extra texture by adding a few waves and you’ll look effortlessly chic.

One Haircolor

While several like the good look of added highlights, it’s actually the one sole color that’s making headlines this year. The style is modern and offers a sleek presentation. There’s also little maintenance unless going for a root touch-up every few weeks. Whether it’s brunette or blue, don’t worry about adding any other hues to the mix.

Silver Pixie

Since the color silver is still going strong this year, let this be your opportunity to transition to grey if you’re tired of coloring over your natural coloring. Make a cool statement by throwing in the idea of a pixie. The short look is modern, and it happens to be one the easiest hairstyles to maintain every morning.

Loose Braids

For those that don’t want to give up their long locks quite yet, the style of a braid may just be the answer. Learn how to craft a braid in the different ways tailored to your texture and length of hair. From a fishtail to a braid/ponytail mash-up, this is a trend that achieves a trending update nearly every year.

Layered Curls

Some looks and textures of hair can fall flat throughout the day. Revive the desired style by adding subtle layers underneath and curling pieces with a wand. This will give the style the texture it deserves, and has the ability to dress up an outfit for a night out on the town.

Asymmetrical Bob

A blunt bob has been in the spotlight for quite awhile. To add more depth and update the traditional style, hair stylists have been suggesting an asymmetrical cut instead. This particular look frames the face and gives it more dimension. Make it sleek by straightening it or add more texture with some curls.

Pink Hues

If craving a new color for your hair refresh, look no further because a pink hue is the shade to try. This color is great for someone who wants to go more bold. However, it can be styled more subtly when placed in an ombr​é or chosen in a light pastel. Whichever statement you want to make, this color has some of the most versatility and can fade gracefully over time.

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