Complete Guide to Sanitizing your Makeup

Have you ever wondered how to sanitize your makeup? Maybe you swapped makeup with a friend, or you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, and you’re always conscious about what you put on your face. Once you learn how to properly sanitize your makeup, it won’t be an issue.

Brushes and Tools

Brushes and any other makeup tools you use must be cleaned and dried at least once a month, preferably in warm water and gentle soap. Yes, a bar of soap works just as well as the fancy bottles of “makeup cleaner” soaps that beauty lines sell. Lay them out to dry on a clean towel. It’s important to get makeup brushes clean because they are the most frequently utilized tools in your everyday makeup routine and are the most vulnerable to bacteria. Think about it, you’re using different products, and they undergo frequent contact with your skin.

The best thing to do is to have a brush for each product. Use separate brushes with wet products like foundation, and different brushes with powder products. Don’t forget to sanitize tools like eyelash curlers in 70% alcohol every other week.

Pencils and Powders

Ideally, you sharpen your pencils after each use. But you can also soak them in alcohol every other week or if you’ve been sick (or if they were used by someone else).

Powders, on the other hand, are a lot trickier. They will only breed bacteria if you get them wet, so keep your brushes dry at all times. If you’re ever worried that your powder products might be a little dirty or mixed with other products, swipe them with a brush or wipe them with a Kleenex before you use them again.


Make sure you clean your makeup sponges at least once a week! Or, be like Pat McGrath and use your fingers for a more environmentally friendly (and flawless) foundation application.

Alcohol Type

Contrary to popular belief, it’s 70% that disinfects, not 99%, which evaporates too fast. 99% is still a great item to keep in your vanity, but it’s a better idea to sanitize your makeup at home by using 70% alcohol. Sometimes your hands can hold more bacteria than your makeup kit. So, make sure you always wash your hands before applying makeup or touching your makeup tools.

Tubes With Wands

Anything in a tube, like lip gloss or mascara, can’t be safely sanitized. If you think you may want to share these products with someone, use a clean wand and never put it back in the tube.

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