5 Popular Facials to Try Next Time You See Your Esthetician

One of the best ways to relax is to treat yourself to a soothing spa appointment. Sometimes choosing the right facial treatment can be a hassle—it seems like every other day a new facial is being introduced as the key to younger-looking skin.

If you feel like your skin needs a pick me up, but don’t know exactly where to start, not to worry! We have compiled a list of the 5 most popular facials to try next time you see your esthetician:

The European Facial

The European facial, commonly known as the classic facial, is the most common type of facial. If you’re looking for a classic spa experience and don’t have any specific issues you want to address, the European facial is your best bet. This treatment typically involves steaming, exfoliation, massage, masks, serums, and moisturizers—in other words, the works. It is great for all skin types and will leave you feeling like a million dollars!

Oxygen Facial

The red carpet secret every celebrity swears by. This facial is gentle on the skin, making it great for all skin types, even the most sensitive. There’s no recovery time after the treatment, so you’ll leave the spa in full glow. Once the esthetician exfoliates, cleanses, and adds serums to your face, they will use a small device that releases high-pressured oxygen, which quite literally puts life back into your skin.

Vampire Facial

Made famous by the Kardashian sisters, the vampire facial is a procedure that uses a patient’s blood to trick the body into healing and repair. Blood is extracted through your arm and undergoes a spinning process in a machine to separate the platelet rich plasma, (PRP). After your face has been numbed, the esthetician will then use a set of tiny micro-needles to inject the PRP back into your face. Post facial, expect redness, tingling, and tight skin. The day after this facial, your skin will be glowing like never before!


If you suffer from stubborn blackheads or small under-the-skin pimples, look no further. The hydrafacial uses a suction machine that deeply cleanses your skin by removing any dirt or stubborn oils trapped in your pores. After the suction machine is used, your skin is infused with vitamin-rich serums that will leave your skin bright and hydrated.

Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning can sound a little intimidating at first, but give it a chance because you will not be disappointed with the results. This facial uses a small blade to scrape off the top layer of (mostly dead and damaged) skin cells and any facial hair, such as peach fuzz. Even though it seems simple enough to do on your own, it is important to have a certified professional conduct this facial so you don’t hurt yourself.

Need Something Stronger?

Try a Chemical Peel

If you’ve ever had a bad skin week, you know what it is like to want to remove all the bad skin and start from scratch. Fortunately, a good chemical peel with a licensed dermatologist can do just that. Chemical peels are the most intense and promising skin-rejuvenating facials you can possibly get. A chemical exfoliant mixture is placed on the skin, which forces the top layer of skin to slough off, exposing new skin. These facials decongest the skin and get rid of wrinkles, acne scars, aging spots, and sun damage.

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