How to Create a Stained Lip Look

Sharp lines and well-defined lips are the trends of the past. This year, the stained lip look is the preferred way to wear lipstick. Lip stain looks effortless and carefree, but that doesn’t mean this trend is easy to create.

Softer Lips

With this trend, you no longer want your mouth to look well-defined. The stained lip look is all about soft, blurry lines. Soft lines also create the illusion of fuller lips. The trick to creating this look is all in the application.

Don’t apply lipstick straight from the tube onto your lips. Instead, brush some color onto a small, fluffy makeup brush. Use this tool to gently apply the color to your mouth. Lessen up on the pressure as you approach the lip line. Try to extend the color to the very edge of your lips; go slightly over if you want to create an even fuller effect. The brush will create the soft, blurry lines that define the stained lip trend. Ecotools makes sustainably sourced, cruelty free makeup brushes. The Stay Matte & Beautiful brush kit has tools in multiple sizes and designs.

Blot the color after you apply it. Stained lips should look very lightly colored, not heavily made up. If needed, smooth and smear the color with your fingertips until you get the right look.

Traditional lipstick tricks to make your lip color last longer don’t work as well with the stained lip look. Here’s a pro tip: apply a little matte lip balm over your lipstick with a delicate fingertip to make the color last longer. Mac Tendertalk lip balm is a sheer color that matches the color of your lips stained trend. This balm is also a lip conditioner that helps keep your mouth moist.

Make Your Own

It can be difficult to get a soft, blurry stained lip look with traditional lipsticks. Make your own stain with a little petroleum jelly and a powder-based makeup. Blush and eyeshadow both work. Mix a little powder with the jelly to create a color stain that you can apply on your lips.

Try your options for creating a great stained lip look, and see which one works best for you. Forget the rules and forget the harsh lipstick trends of the past. Lips are going outside the lines, so embrace this new look to make your mouth soft and perfectly stained.

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