Bangs and Bobs Are the Hair to Have

It’s not very affordable or practical to completely change your wardrobe every year so you can follow all the fashion trends. But you can change up your hair to reflect whatever’s hot and stylish. And this year, what’s hot and stylish in hair is bangs and bobs. So do the chop, and get fashionable without changing a single wardrobe item.


If you want to look trendy in 2019, it’s going to involve a hair chop. Bobs are big this year, and lots of celebrities are already in on the trend. Short hair with sharp edges will start to replace the longer, layered styles that have been hot in recent years. Bobs are flattering to almost all face types, which means that anyone can try this look. The length is variable, too. Get a short jawline bob, or wear a longer look that ends just above the shoulders.

Wear your bob with a straight, sleek look to be super trendy. Super-straight hairstyles are also heating up this year. Have your bob cut with minimal layering to get a soft, sleek look. Use a straightening iron to make the look smooth and elegant. For a more casual look, use a little mousse and scrunch to give your bob a tousled, natural style.


Whether they’re curtains, fringe, swept to the side or straight down across the forehead, bangs are big this year. If you’re feeling bold enough to try it, getting bangs can totally change up your look. Bangs look great as long as you keep them sharp with regular trims, and you can wear them with lots of different styles.

Bangs can be worn with side parts, middle parts or even no part at all. There are lots of ways to play with the look, and they can be used for great shortcuts. When your bangs look cute but the rest of your hair won’t behave, you can always gather it together in a bun for a quick look that can be casual or formal as needed.

Have It All

Combine both the hottest hair trends of the year into one great look, and pair your bob with bangs. Put the look together with a layered fringe cut for a modern, very fun style that looks amazing everywhere. It’s a low-maintenance look that will give you standout style this year. This cut can be styled in mere minutes with a little bit of mousse right around the roots and a quick shake. With no trouble at all, you can have a look that’s casual or formal depending on where you happen to be.

Hair to Die For

Wear your bob and bangs in chunky layers, a sleek and straight look or however you like it, because the great thing about this style is that it’s totally versatile. Hair is getting simple and low-maintenance in 2019…and isn’t it about time that being in style takes a little less work?

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