What Is “Boho Sleaze,” and Why Is It Going to Take Over 2023?

Everything’s coming up boho in 2023 – but with an undone twist. “Boho sleaze” is the forecasted trend for the upcoming seasons, and we think everyone needs to keep their eyes peeled for it. For those who are fans of the clean girl aesthetic, take a seat; boho sleaze is a love letter to those who aren’t afraid of getting a little gritty. Let’s discuss!

What Is Boho Sleaze?

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The love child of ’70s fashion and modern-day indie trends, boho sleaze is identifiable by its wistful silhouettes, easygoing appearance, and almost nostalgic aura. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were the unofficial pioneers of this look, rocking it back when people didn’t understand its potential.

Almost grungy, this aesthetic is jaw-dropping when properly executed and can be dressed up or down depending on the venue. Reliant on textured fabrics, earthy tones, and dreamy accessories, it is the perfect look for those who are fans of the whimsigothic look that took the world by storm last autumn. Basically, if the song “Celebrity Skin” by Hole were a fashion collection, this trend would be it.

Features of Boho Sleaze

(image via twitter via bridget moynahan)

Boho sleaze is rockstar adjacent, and because it blends so many different fashions, there’s a fair chance that some of these pieces already have a home in your closet:

  • Loosely threaded crochet tops
  • Leather pants
  • Paisley prints
  • Midi skirts
  • Fur jackets or trims

Any combination of the aforementioned pieces will make an outfit any bohemian will be proud of, but what truly sets this look apart from the boho-chic trend of the mid-2000s is the accessories and makeup.

Finishing Touches

(image via british vogue)

When it comes to the finishing touches, the boho sleaze fashion trend places madness over method. Here are some pieces that’ll solidify your place on the best-dressed list:

  • Statement belts or belts with large buckles
  • Chunky jewelry with a handmade feel
  • Vintage or vintage-feeling bags for function rather than style. Sorry micro-minis! We’re choosing purses that actually carry things, like the We The Free Leigh Distressed Hobo Bag ($168, shop here)
  • Blended lip stains and lipsticks
  • Smudged eyeliner
  • Slept-in, textured hair

For inspiration, scour older fashion portfolios and find out what pioneers like Kate Moss and Irena Lazareanu wore in the mid-2010s. We’re particularly partial to Moss’ style during her festival-going days. The Glastonbury grounds emanated grit and grime to a fashionable point.


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