Trade This for That: Fashion Edition

Every so often, we find a piece of clothing in our closet that makes us ask, “Is this still cool?” Now, don’t get us wrong, if you love an article of clothing, it shouldn’t matter how “cool” it is; it should only matter how you feel when you wear it. But, if you’re going for a super-stylish ensemble, some trends are better off in the past. To those pieces, we say, “Wear this instead.”

Trade Bell Sleeves for Puffy Sleeves

Bell sleeves were the thing for a hot minute, but some of us struggled to keep them from getting stuck in the most inconvenient places. If you adore statement sleeves, try puffy sleeves instead. Not only will they add some dimension to your outfit, but they also look très chic.

Trade Sheer Clothing for Opaque Clothing

A trend best left in the ’90s? Sheer clothing. We think it’s better to leave some things to the imagination. So keep your HR department happy, make intrigue your best friend, and opt for all opaque clothing.

Trade Painful Shoes for Retro Sneakers

It’s 2021, and we’re saying farewell to painful shoes! If you find yourself owning several pairs, donate those bad boys to your local thrift store and invest in comfy pairs of white sneakers, block heels, and slip-on mules.

Trade Micro Miniskirts and Dresses for Midi Length

If you’re living in fear of exposing body parts you don’t want revealed, trade your minis for midis. We love that midis are short enough for a playful outfit but long enough that your body can move comfortably.

Trade Neons for Earthy Neutrals

Not only will this trade make your wardrobe a little easier on the eyes, but it will also make it more functional.

Trade Chunky Sneakers for Square-Toed Heels

Ahh, the dad shoe trend. We love retro sneakers, but we say trade out those chunky ones for square-toed heels. If the word “heel” makes you nervous, try a shorter block heel. You won’t be sorry!

Trade Oversized Tote Bags for Modest Straw Bags

We aren’t sure how this obsession with woven accessories came to be, but we aren’t mad about it. We love how much texture they add to an outfit. No shame if you’re still rocking an oversized leather tote, but you can thank us when you realize you love your new midsize straw bag way more.

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