Textiles Guaranteed to Keep You Warm and Cozy All Winter Long

Textiles can be fickle: No matter the weather, if you wear the wrong fabric, you could find yourself paying for it. For instance, if you wear wool in the middle of summer, you’ll quickly regret your decision because wool is not a breathable fabric. And just like there are certain fabrics you do not wear during the summer, some textiles are better suited for winter than others. Here is a list of textiles to keep in mind as you’re preparing your winter wardrobe.

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Before we get started, we must drop a quick line about how to layer properly. The first layer will need to be light and hug the body. The middle layer is where you’ll introduce the star of the show: a sweater, a vest, a sweatshirt, you name it! The outer layer (such as a coat, trench, or poncho) will be the heaviest.

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Cotton is a wonderfully versatile material that a ton of clothes are made of. Thick cotton is perfect for the wintertime because it will hold up against the elements and keep you warm. Cotton is also a great alternative to other coarser fabrics such as wool.


Remember when we talked about choosing a first layer that is light and hugs the body? Believe it or not, silk is an excellent option for your base layer since it helps regulate and maintain body temperature. Just don’t make silk your outer layer because it won’t hold up well to wind and rain.

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Are you itching already? While warm, cozy, non-itchy variations of wool exist, many of us were probably forced into itchy wool sweaters as kids, creating a lot of animosity toward the textile. But wool is perfect for winter because it’s a natural insulator, water-resistant, and durable. So if you invest in a wool coat, you’ll be staying warm in it for winters to come.


Made from the wool of certain goats, cashmere is not only warm but luxuriously soft to the touch. So if you’re all about how a textile feels against your body, cashmere is the way to go. Now, cashmere can cost a pretty penny, but it’s not unheard of to snag cashmere pieces in thrift stores. If not, cashmere blends are just as soft and warm and cost significantly less.

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Fleece is a synthetic polyester fabric made to mimic wool, and it makes for a great alternative if wool isn’t your thing. Fleece garments won’t weigh you down like wool often does. And while it’s not waterproof, it does dry quickly.


Tweed is comparable to wool in that it’s thick, water-resistant, and super-durable. If you invest in this textile, you’ll have that garment for a while. With blazers being such a big deal this season, you may find yourself donning quite a bit of tweed this winter.


Ah, a favorite of ours around here. What makes flannel so great is that the fabric is loosely woven, which creates air pockets that help retain body heat in cooler temperatures. So go ahead and layer up with some flannel (we will personally never outgrow throwing flannel over a band tee).

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