Valentine’s Gifts That Don’t Cost a Dime (According to Love Language)

Celebrating Valentine’s Day during a pandemic calls for thinking outside the box, especially if you’re operating on a minimal budget. For an impactful, but simple gift, think about what expressions of love your partner finds most meaningful.

Everyone has a way of expressing and receiving love that means the most to them. These “love languages” can be divided into five categories: physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, giving/receiving gifts, and quality time. Whatever your significant other’s love language, keep reading for the perfect, creative Valentine’s gift that doesn’t cost a dime.

Physical Touch: Relationship Coupons

If your partner feels most loved when you hold their hand or surprise them with a kiss, their love language is likely physical touch. Give them access to cuddles whenever they want with a cute and creative coupon book. Relationship coupons can be made at home with basic crafting materials and tailored to fit your partners desires.

Or, make a coupon or two for a free massage after a hard day, a home-cooked meal, or the right to choose the movie for movie night. Whatever the need, a coupon is a great way to show that you want them to be happy.

Words of Affirmation: Write a Poem

If your S.O. lights up when you tell them you love them or you’re proud of them, express your affection in words. Writing a love poem for your significant other is a sentimental and thoughtful way to get them a gift this Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t get more personal or considerate.

You can go as simple or as ornate as you want. Use materials you already have at home or spruce it up with a canvas print and a frame. The important element is the message.

Try for a poem that speaks specifically to your relationship with your significant other. Let them in on something you haven’t yet spoken aloud and allow your writing to reflect the depth of your feelings. You don’t need to be the greatest writer in the world; you just need to put in the effort and wear your heart on your sleeve.

Acts of Service: Accomplish a Task or Chore

If your loved one values help checking off their to-do list over a necklace or earrings, their love language is acts of service. Giving them the perfect gift can be as easy as accomplishing a task for them you know they don’t want to do.

If it’s their turn to do the dishes, beat them to it. If they want to get the garage cleaned out, take on the task yourself. These tasks or chores can be as menial or involved as you’d like, but the main takeaway is that you should be doing something for them that is outside of the normal realm of your day-to-day responsibilities.

Pick something that’s going to have an impact and go to town—it’ll not only leave them happy, but it will also demonstrate just how much they mean to you.

Receiving Gifts: Create Your Story Book

If you and your significant other have agreed not to spend money this Valentine’s Day, finding the right gift can be a struggle. But a physical gift doesn’t have to be something you get at the store. You can always make a short book about your relationship with your significant other. Sure, both of you know the story, but the real genius to this gift idea is that everyone has their own version. This is a great way to let them in on your thoughts and perception of your relationship.

From the first date to now, write up your story in your own words, and don’t hold back. When it comes to materials, you can use items you already have at home, or you can go the extra mile and pay to put together an actual book.

This shouldn’t be a matter-of-fact series of events, but rather an emotional journey that gives your significant other some insight into the way you feel about them. This one’s a tearjerker if done correctly, so go all out!

Quality Time: Date Night In

If your person prefers experiences to gifts, their love language might be quality time. Orchestrate a romantic night in for the two of you, no distractions allowed. When was the last time you actually spent time together without watching Netflix or scrolling on TikTok?

If they’re missing travel, print out posters of exotic locations to put around the dining table and try making their favorite Thai, Indian, or French dish. This gift is all about giving your loved one an experience they’ll never forget.

Put away the phones, iPads, and TV remote, and do something together that both of you enjoy. Whether that’s cooking a nice meal, dancing to their favorite record, or going for a long walk, give your partner your undivided attention for an evening.

A beautifully wrapped present can be nice, but a homemade gift shows a different level of thoughtfulness and love. These ideas are not only one hundred percent free, but they also showcase just how much you value your relationship.

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