The Best Ways to Build a Healthy Relationship

Interesting fact – most intimate relationships are more likely to fail than succeed, with a 5-20% chance of success. While that may sound negative, it’s because it includes dating, and because successful relationships tend to last much longer than others. But, dating is a process of discovering what we need and want in a relationship. So, here are a few qualities to look for in healthy, lasting relationships.


The phrase “communication is key” is cliché for a reason: it’s true. It’s easy to hide behind common dating faux pas, like the silent treatment or expecting your partner to guess why you’re upset, but that will only make the situation worse. Relationships depend on dialog, especially in moments of conflict. When you have a disagreement or feel upset about something, you should feel comfortable discussing it with your partner, and be open to hearing their comments back.


You cannot build a solid relationship without honesty and trust. Period. White lies and lies by omission, regardless of how well-intentioned, are only going to undermine your bond.

Trust builds gradually over time—don’t think you need to spill your deepest secrets on the first date—but can be broken in an instant. A healthy relationship nurtures trust and values this kind of intimacy.


After communication comes understanding. If your significant other communicates a problem to you, your first reaction will likely be defensive. Instead of dismissing their feelings, however, it’s important to hear them out and attempt to see things from their perspective. That’s the only way to really solve a disagreement.

Take the time to understand the heart of the issue and work to fix things. When you demonstrate understanding, the problem becomes a discussion rather than a fight. It shows that, despite the current issue, you are still on the same team.


We’ve all dated someone with a personality quirk we weren’t particularly fond of. We may think that, over time, we can change that. But, to be frank, you cannot change someone. If you can’t accept your partner as-is, chances are your relationship will be pretty short-lived.

Acceptance is key to loving your partner for who they are, not who you want them to be. If there’s a quality that you can’t get over at the beginning of a relationship, don’t expect to fix it down the road. You either need to grow to accept and love them, flaws and all, or walk away.

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  1. This all very very good advice and I thank you for putting up to be read . I mean what’s being said here is the absolute truth and if people could live by theses rules their would be less divorce and broken homes. Again thank you for the great and truthfull advise

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