How to Make Time for Dating

Many of us know all too well that getting out in the dating world can be a process – and significant time investment. But before you claim you’re “too busy” and swear off dating altogether, consider these tips.

Prioritize Your Life

You may hate first dates, but the longer-term benefits make them worth it. However, it’s up to you to figure out where they rank in your daily life. Take a moment to list everything you want and have to do; prioritize that list and see where dating falls.

Get Dating Apps

Yes, we mean multiple. Taking time out of your day to engage with dating apps will improve your algorithm and chances of matching with people with whom you are compatible. Of course, you can set yourself some rules here. Don’t feel the need to go out with just anyone; you can be as picky as you want. But don’t say no to everyone, either. If someone catches your eye and the conversation flows, set up a drink or coffee date and see how things go.

Set Your Ideal Match

Before downloading dating apps, consider what you’re looking for and set your parameters to align with what you want. For example, if you don’t want kids, don’t swipe right on someone that has them or wants them. Go in with a clear head and be confident about what you’re looking for.

Adapt Your Social Life

Dating and spending time with friends don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Suggest group dates or invite a date to hang out with your friend group directly. It’s a win-win.

Talk to a Friend

If you tend to back out of dates or have tried to “quit” dating in the past, asking a trusted friend or family member to hold you accountable could be a good solution. You can bounce ideas off them, and they can let you know when someone is not worth pursuing. It’s like having a second tier of security, motivating you to move forward while helping you make good decisions.

If you struggle with dating simply because you don’t have the time, these tips and tricks should help!

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