Five Steps to Healthy Communication in a Relationship

Every relationship is as healthy as the type of communication that’s associated with it. From family members to significant others, poor communication can make the relationship more stressful. In only five simple steps, we make these small changes in order to achieve the most positive outcome. By following at least one of the below key points, you have the ability to transform multiple conversations into more effective relationships.

  1. Listening

If you are in a disagreement or feel distracted by everyday life, you may hear the other person, but you aren’t exactly listening to what they have to say. Listening to find out where someone’s feelings are stemming from is vital for a healthy relationship to prosper. By not listening to your friend or partner, it creates the ability for issues to grow into something bigger over time.

  1. A Calm Reaction

No matter what the content of the message holds, reacting calmly to the message gives a silent invite for the person to be able to confide in you. This doesn’t necessarily mean what they’re saying has to be correct, but it does allow for both of you to work through the information together. Calm reactions and positive attitudes will create healthy environments in order to talk about situations and emotions freely.

  1. Understand the Audience

The audience you are directing your communication to should alter the way you deliver the message. For instance, if you’re attempting to speak with your daughter about a situation at her school, the terminology and delivery for this situation will be conversed differently than if you were to discuss the same topic with her teacher. By understanding each person and their relationship to the conversation, you have the opportunity to tailor what is said in order for the content to make the most sense and for your message to be received successfully.

  1. Demonstrate Honesty

Don’t hide the truth from your friend or partner. The real information always has a way of finding the person that needs to hear the message. By speaking honestly from the beginning, you can work with them to solve the problem in real time. Honesty may not always feel the easiest, but it will create a wave of relief in the future whereas hidden information will only build up a wall of stress and uneasiness.

  1. Reflection

After a conversation has been completed between you and the other person involved, take personal time to reflect and evaluate how you felt and handled the situation.

Use each conversation as a learning opportunity. All five of these steps are easier said than they are achieved. By taking one step at a time, you’ll be able to steadily progress in better communication and happier relationships.

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