7 signs that your kid is an actor

Do you feel that your child has an aptitude for expression? Is your kid imaginative, social, and happy to dress up in costumes? Wondering if your kid has “it” when it comes to acting? There are many telltale signs that may show that your child has certain talents suitable for casting. Here are 7 signs that your kid might be cut out to be an actor.

  1. Your child is outgoing – Is your child always trying to interact with everyone and everything, unafraid to be thrust into the center of attention? An important part of being an actor is feeling comfortable in front of an audience or a camera, and outgoing individuals are especially suited for such a role.
  2. Your child takes direction well – If your kid listens to instructions and is able to execute quickly and effectively, they might make a great actor. Listening to and obeying directions is essential when acting, especially for younger children on set. Not everyone possesses the discipline required for acting, and being ready to properly take direction is a huge advantage as a younger person trying to enter the industry. As a parent, assess how your kid behaves either alone or in groups and see how they take directions from both you and other adults.
  3. Your child is expressive – Being expressive is essential when trying to convey a message as an actor. Kids who are animated can make great actors because of their ability to communicate effectively through body language and facial expressions. In many situations, communicating visually is even more important that communicating verbally, and although an actor may execute lines perfectly, poor expression can ruin a performance.
  4. Your child is a good observer – Do you find that your kid pays extra attention to detail during day to day activities? Is your child able to pick up on subtleties in expression throughout social interactions? Good observers make great actors because of their ability to appear genuine by recreating minute details for authenticity. For impressionists, being able to replicate every quirk and characteristic of an individual is vital to their success. For actors in general, it’s important to be able to appear exactly as intended to be as convincing as possible.
  5. Your child has a big imagination – Does your kid love to create imaginary situations with friends and enjoy pretending to be someone else? Being able to think creatively and to put oneself in another’s shoes is essential in the world of acting. A great imagination may help an actor think outside the box when bringing a scene to life, sometimes revealing new, creative ways to interpret certain lines or actions.
  6. Your child always asks “why?” – Although it’s a question every parent eventually hopes not to hear, asking “why?” indicates that your child has a curious mind. When it comes to acting, curiosity drives individuals to explore new roles and to try new techniques. In doing so, actors become better professionally by widening their range of skills while also helping boost confidence by experimenting with different acting methods and genres.
  7. Your child loves to act – Perhaps the most important trait that will determine whether or not your kid should be an actor is simply that they love acting. If your child has acted in any capacity, is familiar with the process and genuinely enjoys it, they should certainly develop their acting talents. Rehearsing over and over, taking direction, and putting on costumes and makeup is not for everyone, which is why it is important to not force your child into acting if it just isn’t for them. There are many different casting industries to explore besides acting – be sure to pick the one that is best for them.

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