Wine Hacks for Wannabe Sommeliers

Whether you fancy yourself a wine snob or simply desire the ability to select the most delectable vino for your next get-together, all wannabe sommeliers should be aware of these game-changing wine hacks.

Develop Your Tastes

If you’ve always wanted to be a wino but can’t quite appreciate all wines just yet, start developing your taste buds with wines that you actually like. For instance, most new wine drinkers don’t enjoy dry, acidic wines. Instead, begin with fruitier whites and work your way up to heavier reds and beyond so you slowly develop your palate.

Check to See if Old Wine Has Gone Bad

While unopened wine doesn’t have an expiration date, per se, that’s not to say all wine is suitable to drink. First, make sure you smell the bottle of wine. If it smells too acidic, it’s likely turned and is no longer good to drink. In addition, you should check the color of your wine. If your red wine is brown or your white wine is deep yellow, your wine may have gone bad. You should also assess the bottle itself to make sure the cork hasn’t been pushed out. And, if all else fails, you can always taste the wine to see if anything is off.

Let Your Red Wine Breathe

Before serving your red wine, it’s important to let it breathe. In other words, pour your red wine into a decanter and let it sit out for a bit to ensure all the flavor profiles are present. This process oxidizes the wine, giving it the preferred nose (smell) and taste.

Use Leftover Wines Elsewhere

If you have leftover wine, you’ll likely attempt to save the bottle for another day. However, opened wine only stays good for so long. Instead, leftover wine can be used for cooking or transformed into cocktails. Either way, you’re no longer wasting those unfinished bottles!

Chill Your Wine Glass Before Serving

Serving chilled wine is common, especially with white or sparkling varietals. But when your glass doesn’t match the temperature of the wine, you may lose some of its flavor profile. For this reason, make sure you chill your wine glasses when serving chilled wine, so there is less difference in temperature between the glass and the liquid inside.

Use Wands to Eliminate Headaches

If you typically get headaches when enjoying a glass or two of wine, you could have a wine allergy or intolerance. If so, you may want to invest in The Wand Wine Filter or other histamine- and sulfite-removing wine accessories.

Start With the Best

If you’re hosting a wine tasting party, you are likely to move through a few bottles of wine. To save yourself a little cash, start with serving your best bottles, then work your way down. As you continue drinking, your taste buds become less refined, at which point your guests probably won’t fully appreciate the finer (more expensive) wines anyway.

Got some helpful wine hacks? Share with us in the comments below!

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