What Is “Whimsigothic,” and How Do I Achieve It?

image via sabrina-ttw.tumblr.com

For those who have been on TikTok lately, you might have seen a term being used to describe the nostalgic, almost dreamy feel of the early-to-late ’90s: “whimsigothic.” And while it draws us in like no other style we’ve seen before, we have to ask: What exactly is it?

Breaking Down Whimsigothic

(image via sabrina-ttw.tumblr.com)

Linguistically, “whimsigothic” can be broken down into two familiar words: whimsical and gothic. However, when fractionated, the term is easier to comprehend. Though whimsigothic commonly describes interior design, we think it more so embodies an era of style.

The “whimsical” aspect of the style belongs to the feel of the fabrics and the celestial touches that elevate a look to otherworldly realms. For example, in the above image from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, we are reminded of Sabrina’s dreamy nature through the soft linen curtains bundled behind her bed frame, the nostalgic glow of the yellow lights, the use of lava lamps, as well as the astronomy-themed decor scattered throughout the space.

Upon first hearing the word “gothic,” you may liken yourself to a young Jonathan Harker entering the home of the Transylvanian count for the first time. But gothic doesn’t necessarily mean dark! You can find the gothic touches in Sabrina’s room through her muted color scheme, the intricately designed headboard (that matches the bedside table), the pale red sleeper ottoman, and the stained-glass lamp and window.

How Can I Make My Room Look Whimsigothic?

(image via pinterest via a.l.s)

The Color Scheme

A dark color scheme adds to the witchy energy surrounding the idea of whimsigothic. Stay away from vibrant shades, and lean more toward autumnal colors: aubergines, deep oranges, tans, and browns. Keeping a muted color palette will help maintain a cohesive look throughout your space.

The Details

Look for soft fabrics that drape and bunch, such as woven linens, silks, and sheer cotton. If you want to add a more cozy touch to your space, opt for knitted or crocheted blankets and throws. Finding pieces with fringe or feel handmade can keep the room feeling flighty and homey. When choosing fabrics with designs, grab celestial prints or delicate patterns, and stay away from anything that looks too geometric.

The Lighting

If you can, go for yellow tone lighting over bright whites. Avoid overhead lighting as much as you can. Instead, find vintage lampshades at secondhand stores and string lights in funky shapes to give your room a more personal feel.


The most important thing to remember about the whimsigothic room is: Don’t overthink it! Nothing is calculated about the photographs on the wall or the books that line the shelves. Instead, choose pieces that make you feel nostalgic, scream Charmed, or invoke a personal reaction from you – those are the details that will give your room that magic you’re trying to re-create.

What ’90s movies or TV shows do you think embody the whimsigothic style? Let us know below!

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