Is Miley Cyrus Kickstarting the “Scene” Haircut Rebirth?

image via tom + lorenzo via late night with seth meyers

If you were finding your personal style between 2005 and 2010, you likely dabbled with the idea of having a “scene” phase. For those of you who don’t know, “scene” is the emo-adjacent subculture personified by tight jeans, electric colored band-tees, and the iconic scene haircut. Though it may have been years since you’ve last seen one in the flesh, the trendsetter herself, Miley Cyrus, appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers in May rocking a blonde razor-cut mop with black under layers. Could this be the resurgence of scene culture?

(image via tom + lorenzo via late night with seth meyers)

Miley is known for her bold rockstar style. The silhouette itself is very reminiscent of female rock legend Debbie Harry, but what caught our eye about her look was the black under-layer. Those who know, know it well: You can’t achieve a scene hairstyle without dying your hair just a little bit. From raccoon tails to rainbow chunks, brightly colored hair was the key to the scene look. But if you were going for something a little more understated, two-toned hair (as worn by Miley) was also an option.

The cut may seem standard, but when we think about the impact the middle-part movement made on modern hair styling, it’s almost an act of rebellion to see such a well-known celebrity wearing a deep side part. Not only that, but the singer is also sporting side bangs, a relic from an era of hairstyles that we weren’t sure would ever see again.

(image via @mileycyrus)

Miley’s style seems to find harmony between the vintage rocker aesthetics of ’70s powerhouses like Joan Jett and the bombshell sexuality of Pamela Anderson. However, because Miley doesn’t place herself in a singular aesthetic, no one is able to put a label on her style, which is what makes it so iconic to begin with.

We hope that the debut of Miley’s new haircut gives people the confidence to try out the styles they missed out on during their youth – or the encouragement they need to try out a new look without fear of judgment. Hats off to you, Miley! You’ve paved the road to fearless self-expression yet again.

Do you love Miley’s new hairdo? Would you try it out yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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