Smell the Success: Scents That Drive Productivity

It’s hard to think of scents as being productivity drivers, but certain aromas can actually change your mood and how you think and feel. Simply adding one or more of the following scents to your workspace could make you a more productive employee. Read on to discover more!

Lavender for Stress Relief

While also a beautiful flower, lavender has been linked to stress and anxiety relief, improving mood, lowering heart rate, regulating breathing, and improving sleep. If you need to reduce your stress levels to get through some tight deadlines, lavender is the scent for you.

Rosemary for Memory Retention

Sure, it’s a great herb for cooking, but rosemary has also been proven to help with memory retention. Studies have shown that individuals who smelled it in the form of an essential oil achieved 5% to 7% better results in memory tests.

Peppermint for Clarity

Peppermint is another familiar flavor with aromatherapeutic properties, including preventing mental fatigue and brain fog and improving clarity, concentration, and overall cognitive performance.

Cinnamon for Focus

The smell of cinnamon has been linked directly to cognitive processing. It is said to help keep your attention on a given project while simultaneously improving your ability to perform tasks related to memory and visual-motor speed.

Jasmine for Positivity

Jasmine is a natural relaxant that is used to help manage stress and anxiety. It has also been linked to improving moods and positivity, which can be particularly helpful with being more productive.

Citrus for Alertness

Concentration can be a challenge, especially if you’re surrounded by distractions. The smell of citrus can improve your alertness and concentration throughout the day. If your mind wanders and you have difficulty staying on task, spritz some citrus into the air.

Ginger for Energy

Another item that’s no stranger to your kitchen, ginger has an empowering aroma that is often used to reduce stress, improve concentration, and eliminate fatigue, lethargy, and anxiety. As such, it’s a natural energy booster to get you through the day – no coffee required.

Whether it’s a lack of concentration, decreased motivation, overwhelming stress, or something else holding you back, these scents can help make being unproductive at work a thing of the past.

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