Dress Warm, Not Bulky

Fall is coming, and we cannot wait to layer up our favorite sweaters and outerwear. But sometimes, we have a hard time not looking like a fashionable Michelin Man with all of our layers. If you struggle with finding ways to dress warm without looking bulky, these tips will help you out.

Layer With Light Pieces

Start with a light base such as a bralette or a bodysuit, and build your layers from there. These pieces are thin and stay close to your body. From here, you can layer on all the sweaters and jackets you want (within reason, of course).

Keep It Versatile

Never hesitate to buy extra button-down shirts, whether they’re flannel or chambray. They sit comfortably atop lighter base pieces and lay nicely under thick sweaters. You’re now adding dimension, texture, and warmth without appearing too bulky.

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Layer Smartly

This can be a little easier said than done, but that’s why we’re here! For instance, any summer dress can be layered for the fall. So go ahead and throw on a turtleneck or sweater under your favorite spaghetti-strap jumper, and you’ll be ready to face the crisp day.

Play With Color Dimension

Sure, monochromatic is super-trendy right now, but layers of the same color can end up looking bulky. Instead, create dimension by adding different color variations as you go. For example, if you’re wearing a lot of black, find ways to incorporate various shades of gray into your look.

Ankle, Knee, Thigh High

A stylish way to layer the bottom half of your body is through your shoes. Opt for boots that go up to your comfort level, but make sure they sit against your body in a way that doesn’t add extra bulk. You can still wear warm socks underneath, but skip the boot socks, as they can cause your pants to bunch.

(image via closetful of clothes via a love is blind)

Skinny Jeans All the Way

We are obsessed with looser-fitting jeans, but if you opt for boots that require your jeans to stay tucked in, say no to anything but skinny pants to avoid unnecessary bulkiness.

The Tight(s) Option

If you can’t part with short dresses, throw on some tights. This is a great way to transition pieces into the fall and winter and layer them without bulking up. Tights are also a trendy way to add some dimension and interest to your outfit.

It’s Always a Good Day for a Cardigan

Cardigans are timeless, and they are a great way to layer up without getting too bulky. Plus, you can find them in any style, color, and print.

(image via bows and sequins)

Go the Turtleneck Route

Turtlenecks can look just as cool as sweaters, and since they tend to lay a little closer on your body, they are the best for avoiding extra bulk. We love the look of a turtleneck under a spaghetti-strap top or jumper.


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