How to Leave Your Work Stress at Work

Too often, people bring their work stress home with them. This can result in family conflict, built-up aggression, lack of sleep, and loss of appetite. That’s why we encourage you to leave your work stress at work. But how exactly can you do that? Follow these tips!

Don’t Look at Emails Outside of Working Hours

In order to minimize the stress brought on by work emails, you need to set boundaries. Let your supervisors and colleagues know you will be unavailable via email outside of working hours. If they cannot respect this boundary, consider putting a “do not disturb” message to clarify that you’re spending time with your family or restoring yourself for the next day.

Do It Today Instead of Delaying Until Tomorrow

Some of us tend to procrastinate and delay completing projects. But wouldn’t you rather get it done today before it becomes urgent and you’re pulling your hair out to get it done? Stay organized and do your best to be efficient. That way, when it’s time to go home, you won’t be frantically thinking about your to-do list for the next day.

Make a Plan for Every Day

If you’re not good at planning, you can change that. Start by planning and organizing your time. At the end of each work day, make a list of to-do items for the following day in order of importance. That way, when you arrive at your desk the next morning, you’ll already be one step ahead.

Relax During Your Commute

Whether it’s from the at-home office to the couch or from the in-person office to home, you have to switch your mind off to leave the stress of work behind. You can do this by listening to audiobooks, music, or podcasts. While zoning out of work mode, take in the scenery and breathe in some fresh, relaxing air.

If All Else Fails, Lean on Venting

A good venting session can help rid your mind of whatever unpleasantness you feel at work. Find someone willing to lend an ear and let out your pent-up tension. Talking about your stresses can also help you develop a solution for the future.

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