Give These Shows a Chance if You Haven’t Already

You binged through Wednesday in a day, the new season of Emily in Paris was superb, and you couldn’t get enough of Bridgerton. So what’s next? If you’re looking for a new show to get into, here are some great ones to try!

Alice in Borderland

(image via imdb via netflix)

Blend action and adventure, mix in drama and mystery, and sprinkle on some sci-fi and fantasy. What do you have? Alice in Borderland. This fast-paced show will make you emotional in ways you didn’t think you could. Just imagine elements from The Hunger Games, Battle Royale, Saw, and Squid Game coming together. That’s what we’ll leave you with. Watch now on Netflix.

The Writers’ Room

(image via imdb via sundance channel)

If you’re into detail-oriented TV, The Writers’ Room will catch your attention. The show tells fans how series like Game of Thrones come to life. It includes challenges the writers faced and awkward moments that needed mending. The best part about this show is that the writers aren’t talking about small-budget series. It’s all chart-topping shows like Breaking Bad and Parks and Recreation. Watch now on Amazon Prime.

Arrested Development

(image via imdb via netflix)

A family of unlikable jerks? That’s the plot behind Arrested Development. George, the patriarch, commits “light treason,” sending him straight to jail. The show premiered in 2003, aired for three seasons on Fox, then took a 13-year hiatus before rebooting for two more seasons on Netflix. Fans were thrilled! Watch now on Netflix.

Never Have I Ever

(image via imdb via netflix)

Mindy Kaling is a genius, and Never Have I Ever is wicked funny. Watch as high achiever Devi navigates love triangles, grief, and friendships. If you don’t know what a “thirst trap” is, best believe you will by the end of the series. This show has been around for four seasons, but it’s never too late to hop on board. Better yet: You can watch until the very end with no cliffhangers. Watch now on Netflix.

Sweet Tooth

(image via imdb via netflix)

Did we live through a deadly virus named COVID? Yes, but TV had to bring forward a fictional deadly virus that wipes out fictional humanity, too. Sweet Tooth has half-animal, half-human children called mutant kids that humans want to eliminate. Watch and see how this plays out – you’ll be surprised by the problems that arise. Watch now on Netflix.

What are some of your favorite shows? Share them with us in the comments below!

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