Having a Pandemic Wedding? Read This

COVID-19 has wrought havoc on many couples that planned to be married in 2020. Many couples decided to change their dates and look forward to sometime in 2021, but others just don’t want to wait that long. If you intend to have a wedding in the near future, scroll for some tips that will help keep attendees safe—and keep your day about you, not about COVID.

Consider Masks Rather Than Koozies

How many koozies do you have sitting in a kitchen drawer from every single wedding you’ve attended? Rather than hand out the typical party favor, try making fun, festive masks that people can wear for indoor wedding events and for the future. It’s the most relevant gift you can give someone in 2020, people will likely get a kick out of it, and most importantly, it keeps people safe.

Cut the Plus Ones

If you need to get the number of attendees down for the city laws or personal preference, you can start with people’s plus ones. Yes, it’s a casualty, but what’s important to remember is that the people you love the most will be there.

Consider a Tiny Wedding or Eloping

Many couples have been swapping the big weddings for tiny, intimate weddings. This allows you to have a really stunning experience with the very most important people to you and your partner. Then, once the pandemic is in the past, throw a big party for the larger group of people you would have liked to have. This way, you don’t have to put off the marriage, but you don’t have to stress about having a large gathering. We call that the best of both worlds.

Take It Outside

Everything is safer outdoors these days. If you’re still in the planning phase and have the ability to choose an outdoor venue, this will allow you to keep your guest list slightly bigger and make for easier social distancing. Having your wedding outdoors will also make your guests feel a lot safer—you likely won’t have as many guests removing themselves from the guestlist at the last minute. Speaking of…

Be Understanding

If people decide they can no longer attend because of Coronavirus concerns, try and be sympathetic. They likely struggled with that decision and you can find another time to celebrate with them individually.

Choose Plates Over Buffet

This is a pricier option but smarter option. Having plated food served individually cuts down on the opportunity for people to spread any germs (COVID or otherwise), whereas a buffet is ripe for contamination with communal utensils and everyone serving themselves. Finding areas you can cut down on contact points will help make your wedding a healthier, happier environment.

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