Five Ways to Make Your Home Safe for Pets

Whether you’re moving into a new home or introducing a new pet to your household, it’s important to ensure that your home is safe for your fur babies. Here are five ways to make your home a pet-friendly place.

Hide Cables and Wires

Pets are curious by nature and tend to investigate their environments regularly. Sadly, suffocation, strangulation, choking, and electrocution incidents in pets are not uncommon. Therefore, you should do your best to hide all wires and cords in your home. You can buy cord concealers or specially designed rugs to cover them.

Move Vitamins and Medications to a Safe Place

Many human medications are highly toxic to animals. If you keep your vitamins or medicines in your bathroom or kitchen pantry, place them in a high-up location. This is an excellent place to mention that many foods, including grapes, chocolate, onion, and avocado, can also be toxic to pets.

Ensure Houseplants Aren’t Dangerous

Be mindful of plants that you have in your home. Unfortunately, many houseplants are dangerous to pets, including azaleas, lilies, tulips, oleander, yew, English ivy, and chrysanthemum. You can find a list of toxic and nontoxic plants here.

Block Escape Routes

Aside from your doggy door that leads to a safe outdoor area, an open window or door that’s weak or has holes are invitations for your pet to roam, so be sure to remind family and friends to keep them closed. And, it’s always recommended that you get your pet microchipped. You may even consider getting a GPS tracker if your pet turns out to be an escapee.

Pet-Proof Your Yard

The best way to ensure your pet stays safe in your yard is to add a fence around your property. This ensures your pet can’t wander off – and it makes it more difficult for loose domestic and wild animals to get in. Additionally, be sure to put away any hazardous tools and chemicals. It’s always best to use natural alternatives to pesticides and other lawn treatments.

These are a few things you can do to make your home safe for your pet. Do you have any other tips? Share them with us in the comments below!

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