Feeling Down? Five Ways To Cheer Yourself Up Right Now

In a funk that you just can’t shake? You’re not alone. 2020 has brought out lots of feelings, anxiety, and worries. If the weight of the world has you feeling down, you can help yourself feel better. Doing something positive for yourself, even if it’s just to make yourself smile, will help your overall mood. Here are five ways to cheer yourself up right now:

Go on a walk

We know, we know. You’ve heard it a million times before. Feeling down? Go on a walk. Need some energy? Go on a walk. Just need to zone out and be by yourself for a few? Go on a walk. It’s true, though. A breath of fresh air gives you perspective and can help get you out of cyclical negative thoughts. A walk is a great way to clear your mind, get a little adrenaline pumping, and take some time to yourself. Pop in some headphones and listen to your favorite songs or an upbeat podcast.

Get some rest

No one functions well on little to no sleep, even if you think you do. Eventually, the hours of restful sleep you’re lacking will catch up to you, and will leave you in a not-so-happy mood. Say no to your plans and have a relaxing night at home with an early bedtime. Have some free time?  Take a nap. Shoot for a 30 or 60 minute nap so that you don’t wake up groggy.

Call a friend

Human connection just makes people happy, especially in a time where we have to be extra careful about seeing anyone we don’t live with. Pick up the phone and call your closest friend. Don’t text, call. Ask them if they have a few minutes to chat, and tell them what’s on your mind. If you’d rather not share, then just catch up, talk about your day, about upcoming plans, whatever. You’ll hang up feeling a bit better, trust us.


This one goes along with taking a walk. Break a sweat! If you’ve ever seen Legally Blonde, Elle Woods tells us that exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy. This isn’t just a line from a movie, it’s scientifically true! You don’t have to go all out and take a bootcamp class. Just do what you feel your body needs. Need to stretch and take it slow? Try a yoga class on YouTube. Want a little burn but at low impact? A barre class is perfect. Whatever you do, show up with the intention to leave feeling happier, instead of looking at a workout as a chore.

Pamper yourself

When in a funk, we have the tendency to neglect ourselves. If you don’t feel like changing out of your favorite sweats, that’s okay! Give yourself a mini facial or paint your nails for a low-effort upgrade. Sometimes, though, putting on your favorite outfit and a little makeup makes you feel like a whole new person. Try it!

These are just five simple ways to cheer yourself up right now. They may not be a permanent fix, but they’re sure to make you smile or feel a bit better. What’s your favorite way to cheer yourself up if you’re in a funk?


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