Let’s Talk About Low-Maintenance Friendships

Do you have a friend you don’t hear from often? Then, one day, you hear from them, and you meet up for coffee and catch up. Then you go your separate ways, but it’s okay because you know that after a couple of weeks – sometimes months or years – you’ll hear from them again, and the lovely cycle continues. This is a positive, low-maintenance friendship, and we recommend holding onto it.

What Is a Low-Maintenance Friendship?

A low-maintenance friendship is an authentic connection; no matter how much time has passed, you can pick up where you left off – no judgment, no explanations. And if one of you truly needs the other, they’re there. But make no mistake, low-maintenance friendships are like any other relationship: They require a certain amount of love, effort, patience, and understanding.

Pros and Cons of Low-Maintenance Friendships

Low-maintenance friendships offer many advantages. They embrace flexibility in an otherwise hectic lifestyle. Other pros include deep, meaningful conversations vs. how often you talk. Perhaps the best advantage of low-maintenance friendships is their resilience. Years could pass, and lives may go in opposite directions, but the bond remains strong and unwavering.

Now, let’s talk about the cons (don’t worry, there aren’t many). Potential pitfalls of low-maintenance friendships include emotional distance, room for drifting, and the fact that they can be perceived as unreliable despite the distance being a product of the friendship’s nature.

Low-Maintenance Friendship Tips

Even low-maintenance friendships require a little maintenance. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Undivided Attention

Because you won’t see these friends as often, it’s important that when you do see them, phones are out of view, and you’re listening to each other and engaging in the conversation. Just because you’re a low-maintenance friend doesn’t mean you don’t care. Make sure you’re emotionally available when they need you, that you can validate their feelings genuinely, and that they know they can always count on you no matter how much time has passed.

Sweet Nothings

Never turn down the opportunity to practice random acts of gratitude. They don’t have to be extravagant; it may look like sending a quick text, mailing them a card, door-dashing a meal, or just checking in when you are thinking about them.

Understand the Ebb and Flow

Friendships are susceptible to changes, so understand that as your life evolves, your friendships must remain flexible to follow suit. Demonstrating compassion during challenging times can make a huge difference in making and keeping these low-maintenance friends for the long haul.

Show Up When It Counts

Ah, the cardinal rule of low-maintenance friendships: If it matters to them, it should matter to you. You don’t always have to be in contact, but you do need to be a reliable source of support.

Invest in the Right People

Low-maintenance friends will never add drama to the mix. These friendships should be simple and straightforward, never testing boundaries. If there is a lot of drama or it feels anything but low-maintenance, it’s okay to reevaluate this relationship as you move forward.

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