Out-of-the-Box Workout Methods

Staying on track with your fitness schedule can be a challenge, which is why it’s so important to change things up to keep your exercise interesting. To help you spice things up when it comes to your daily workout, here are a few out-of-the-box workout methods!


As the weather warms up, hitting the trails in a local area is a realistic addition to your workout schedule. Whether the route is treacherous and challenging, or a literal walk in the park, it’s up to you.

While hiking offers the same physical benefits as walking on the treadmill, the change of scenery and fresh air makes your hike much more fun. Getting outside will ensure you’re enjoying every minute of your workout, rather than counting them down.


If you enjoy dancing, you probably don’t consider it a part of your workout routine. However, dancing is excellent cardio and can be a seamless addition to your schedule.

Some prefer organized dance classes to keep them on track, while others enjoy letting loose in the comfort of their own homes. You can find cardio dance training on various fitness apps if you prefer a healthy combination of both. It’s not the how that’s important here, so long as you’re enjoying yourself!


Swimming might be one of the best exercises to help avoid injury, and the health benefits are plentiful. Like running, swimming keeps your heart rate high, but unlike running, your body isn’t dealing with the stress of impact on pavement.

Swimming can help you to build the endurance necessary for a healthy cardiovascular system. Somewhat surprisingly, it can even help you build muscle. If you don’t have a pool, many gyms and recreation centers have public fitness pools.


Rock climbing is another multi-benefit activity that you might not think of as exercise. While a newbie shouldn’t hit the local cliffs, indoor rock climbing is a safe alternative that provides most of the same health benefits.

Rock climbing is fantastic for your grip strength and works every part of your body, from your arms to your core to your legs. It’s a quick calorie burn that works your brain as much as the other muscles in your body, making it a fun workout supplement.


As we transition into adulthood, the idea to join organized sports goes out the window, but it shouldn’t. Sports leagues are always an option, regardless of your age.

If you enjoy a particular sport, whether it’s volleyball, basketball, baseball, soccer, or even badminton, there’s a recreation league out there for you to join! Playing a sport you love is an easy way to get your workout in without even noticing you’re exercising, so don’t hold back!

Your workout schedule is unique to you, which means that you should be filling it with activities you enjoy rather than dread. Don’t rely on one routine every time you visit the gym. Don’t force yourself to complete workouts that you can’t stand. Instead, get creative with your exercise and make sure it reflects your favorite activities. You’ll find you actually look forward to working out.

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