How to Take Care of Yourself If You Are Sick

Getting sick stinks, and when if are alone, it can feel even worse. When you are sick, there is nothing better than having someone to take care of you: to make you soup, bring you tea, put cold compresses for your forehead, the works.

Every illness is different, but there are several standard steps you can take on your own to shorten the time of illness.

Do the classic saltwater gargle trick

The moment you start feeling sick or you feel the slightest tickle in the back of your throat, do not hesitate to gargle a mixture of salt and warm water. If you do this several times a day, you will help lower inflammation and kill bacteria in your throat, while also reducing any soreness.

Disinfect your toothbrush

When you are sick, the germs from your illness get all over your toothbrush and can prevent you from getting better. Make sure you are disinfecting your toothbrush before and after each use. You can do this by soaking your toothbrush in a small cup of antibacterial mouthwash or 3% hydrogen peroxide. Be sure to rinse with hot water before use.

Remember to drink your fluids

Hydration will help your body fight back. Even though everyone knows this rule, sometimes it’s the hardest to follow when you are not feeling well. Drink lots of water, coconut water, Gatorade, Pedialyte—anything to ensure that you are staying well hydrated!

Take vitamin C

Vitamin C is best taken right when you start feeling sick as a way to boost your immune system, but it is also thought to shorten the duration of an illness. Take some vitamin C tablets or load up on some Airborne Vitamins for an immune system kickstart!

Make sure to take your temperature regularly

It’s important to keep an eye on your temperature while you’re sick to make sure your illness isn’t more serious. If your temperature goes above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, you may want to consult a doctor to make sure you don’t have a bacterial infection.

Stay home!

When you are sick, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to rest. Don’t push yourself to work when you don’t feel well. Protect yourself and others by staying home!

Get as much sleep as you can possibly can

Sleep, sleep, and sleep some more! You truly cannot get enough sleep when you are sick. Sleeping allows your body to recover properly and focus on fighting whatever’s making you ill. So stay in bed, turn the lights down, put the phone away, and get some good rest.

Use a humidifier

Keep the air you breathe nice and moist, especially if you have a cold. Place a humidifier by your bed and set it to 30% for the perfect amount of humidity.

Feel better soon!

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