Four Foods You’re Craving and The Healthy(ish) Alternatives to Satisfy Them

For the vast majority of people stuck in their homes quarantine, we are faced with a never ending question: To snack, or not to snack? Obviously, sitting at home, steps away from the kitchen, it can get tempting to eat everything in our sights for no other reason than it’s something to do. While we’re not going to try and convince you to eat less (yeah, right), we’re going to give a few healthier alternatives to the comforting things we crave while in quarantine.

Chips v. Vegetables Sticks

Trust us, we deeply understand the feeling of euphoria that goes along with being elbow deep in your favorite bag of chips, but we can honestly say that, when served in a more appealing way, a veggie cruditè option is just as satisfying. Whether you buy them pre-cut or cut them yourself, an assortment of carrots, peppers, and celery is a good place to start. Stock your fridge with a few healthier dips to get the satisfaction of flavor—spicy mustard, hummus, yogurt based salad dressing etc. You’ll quickly find you’re getting the same crunch and flavor fulfilment, plus, a healthy serving of veggies. Word to the wise: Dips can be just as bad for you as chips, so check the serving sizes.

Milk Chocolate v. Dark Chocolate

We solemnly swear, as humans with hearts, we will never tell you not to eat chocolate. However, when looking for your chocolate fix, turn to the dark variety rather than milk. There are nutritional benefits to an appropriate serving size of dark chocolate (high in antioxidants, heart healthy, and a mood booster!). Don’t deprive yourself of what makes you happy, just indulge smarter.

Soda v. Seltzer Water

Everyone knows, plain and simple, that soda isn’t good for you. But that doesn’t change the fact that we love the flavor and carbonation. Lucky for us, there’s a huge assortment of seltzer waters that satisfy the same craving. Even brands like Polar Seltzer make flavors like vanilla and toasted coconut to curb any sweet tooth. Most seltzer water has zero calories, so you can sip all day with zero guilt. Be sure to check all the ingredients for any added chemicals.

Classic Cookies v. Three-Ingredient Cookies

When it comes to cookies, we’re looking at a lot of sugar and butter, and that’s before you inject chocolate chips, peanut butter, or whatever your mix-in of choice is. But good news – there’s an extremely easy and satisfying way to enjoy cookies without sacrificing the health aspect. Say hello to the three-ingredient cookie. This recipe here shows you how to make delicious cookies with nothing more than bananas, oats, and your topping of choice. Easiest baked dessert (or breakfast!) ever.

When it comes down to it, eat what makes you happy. There’s a lot going on, and if kicking back with a bag of chips and a glass of red wine is going to keep you sane, enjoy it! But, if you’re looking to make little healthy adjustments, the tips above are a good place to start!

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