Tricks For A Perfect Winged Liner

When it comes to iconic and timeless makeup looks, a good cat-eye is hard to beat. Eyeliners are a great tool to accentuate and reshape your eyes. A well-applied eyeliner can make you look more youthful too! So we’re here with some easy eyeliner tricks and techniques so you can master your look.

Round eyes

For round eyes, start on the outside with the help of an angled brush and some cream eyeshadow or liner. Start at a downward angle at the eye’s outer corner. Continue applying the liner inwards.

With this technique, you can also use some colorful eyeshadow to compliment the rest of the look. Also, you can try out a bright liner that complements your eye color!

Small eyes

If you have small eyes, you can try this simple trick that will accentuate the shape and make your eyes look bigger.

Start by expanding your eye area by doing a double-wing, with one line along the upper lash line and the second line along the bottom lashes, with a small flick outwards to the outer corner. You can use an angled brush to perfect the look. Make sure to apply a little bit of concealer or white/cream eyeliner between the two wings to make them pop.

Almond eyes

For almond eyes, take advantage of your lid space. Draw your eyeliner from the inner corner of your eye across the lash line, then flick it out.

Monolid eyes

Try out winged eyeliner with the help of liquid eyeliner. A monolid typically means there isn’t a crease on the eyelid, so draw on a very thin line across the lid and accentuate the wing at the end. Start by making sure the liner is crisp, thin and straight. Apply with two strokes. Start by placing the tip of the eyeliner at the middle of your lash line, drawing towards the outer corner, then going back to the inner corner, and drawing back to meet the middle point.


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