I Tried Bakuchiol–Here’s What I Thought

As a beauty writer, I’m always looking for the next best product. I love all things anti-aging, but I’m not ready to pull the trigger on Botox yet. Retinol can be a bit harsh for my sensitive skin, so I set out to find an alternative. Enter Bakuchiol.

What is Bakuchiol?

Bakuchiol, marketed as a Retinol alternative, is an extract from the psoralea corylifolia plant that targets fine lines, discoloration, and skin texture. A vegan skincare ingredient, Bakuchiol is a good option for sensitive skin that’s prone to irritation. Because it’s gentler than Retinol, you won’t exactly get the same results, but it targets the same skin concerns that Retinol does.

I love clean beauty, so I went with Herbivore’s Bakuchiol serum (click here). This purple-hued serum has a thick jelly-like consistency but doesn’t go on gooey. You only need a small amount to cover your face and neck, which is a major plus considering the price tag.

The Process

I use my Bakuchiol serum every night. I wash my face and apply it to clean skin, followed by a moisturizer. I’ll apply it during the day about 3 days a week under my sunscreen.

Side note: Always wear lotion that has SPF during the day. Sun damage plays a huge part in fine lines and discoloration, so do what you can to prevent skin aging at the source!

The Results

I’m an instant gratification type of product user, meaning I like to see or feel a difference within a week or two. I didn’t notice much of a change within two weeks, though the serum was very hydrating. I really started to see a difference after a month of consistent use. I had that glowy look that gets you compliments when you’re on a Zoom meeting with your girlfriends. While I haven’t seen a huge change in my fine lines, the melasma around my eyes has lightened, and my skin texture is soft and supple.

Will I purchase Herbivore’s Bakuchiol serum again? Yes—and I’m a hard sell on re-purchasing something. Overall, I like the results I’m getting, and I feel that, with continued use, I’ll see more of a difference with my fine lines. Plus, I don’t mind people telling me I’m glowing.

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