How to Make Your Fragrance Last

Wearing perfume ‘correctly’ may not be a concept that has crossed your mind before. You spray it and go, right? Well, to get the most out of your favorite scent, here are some top tips on how to properly wear perfume for the best results with every wear.


Perfumes, like many other beauty products with many complex ingredients, need to be stored correctly to work to their full potential. Perfumes don’t react well to temperature changes or being stored somewhere hot and steamy such as the bathroom, as this can cause a chemical reaction, which causes the perfume to age faster, and as a result – lose its scent.


Before applying your perfume, take a bath or shower and use an unscented or mildly scented body wash that won’t clash with your choice of fragrance. Once you are out of the shower, gently towel dry your skin and apply a body moisturizer. This allows your skin to be fully prepared for the application of your perfume, but also helps it to lock into the skin for a longer-lasting fragrance.

Apply Before Clothing 

Once showered and moisturized, always apply your perfume directly to the skin before you’re clothed to prevent any unsightly watermarks or staining. Let it dry for a few seconds before getting dressed. Then you’re good to go!

Spray Don’t Rub 

When applying perfume, it’s suggested that you apply it to your ‘pulse points’ such as your wrists, collarbone, elbows, knees, feet, and neck. However, many people tend to ‘rub’ their wrists together once they have applied their perfume, which is wrong! The friction caused by the rubbing can affect the scent, causing crisp fragrances to lose their freshness. The best thing to do is spray on each wrist, your neck, and leave to dry.

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