5 Biggest Skincare Trends For 2020

Skincare is an amazing way to take time to treat yourself and to keep looking your best. Each year there are new trends in skincare that make it even more exciting. Here’s what we can expect in 2020.


An exceptional number of research has shown just how much everything in our bodies is interconnected; this also applies to our skin. We have two main systems for our natural microbiome: the gut and the skin. Both contain their own ecosystems of living organisms, including good bacteria, harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses. When the microbiome is healthy and well-balanced, our skin will feel healthy and balanced. This is why it is important to apply good probiotics along with prebiotics, which protects the skin and forms the first line of defense.

Minerals And Electrolytes

Until recently, skincare brands mostly focused on vitamins, and while they are likely to continue being overly present in the skincare world, 2020 is also the year for electrolytes and minerals to shine. When it comes to minerals, things like zinc, sulfate, and selenium will become more prevalent. They are more commonly known as internal supplements; however, they are likely to appear more in the skincare products because of their healing properties.


With microencapsulation, active ingredients are delivered to our skin. A protein polysaccharide-based shell surrounds the active ingredients. Once the product is applied, the shell or capsule will disintegrate and release the active ingredients. Active ingredients can often be sensitive to heat, light, and air exposure. Microencapsulation encapsulates the active ingredient, so it doesn’t change form and become less effective before it’s used.

Customized Skincare

Customized skincare in the past was mostly linked to dermatologists prescribing the optimal products for your skin type. However, with the rise of AI, many brands provide customization via data science. Since the algorithms are highly effective, this will help more people get the right skincare without paying the high price.

Gentle Skincare

This concept is followed by shifting further away from super potent and potentially aggressive products to more soothing, calming, and hydrating ones. Korean and Japanese beauty products are known for their soothing and calming properties. This stems from the idea that you should want to achieve long-term benefits from your skincare instead of looking for short-lived results.


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