Perfect Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Women

As Halloween quickly approaches, the last minute scramble for costumes begins. However, there’s no need to compromise quality when selecting a costume, no matter how late to the game you are. To help get those creative juices flowing and to pay homage to some recognizable feminist icons, here are a few simple, feminist costumes that will be a huge hit this Halloween.

First Female Doctor Who

For the first time ever, the 13th and newest incarnation of Doctor Who is a female. Jodie Whittaker has taken on the well-known role, which gives women everywhere a chance to not only idolize another strong, female television character, but also an opportunity to spread some girl power this Halloween.

Added bonus? The costume takes very little to put together. Throw on blue pants, boots, a long raincoat, and a graphic tee with horizontal rainbow stripes and—presto! You’re ready for Halloween.


Perhaps one of the most well-known icons out there, Beyoncé is a woman many look up to in various capacities. Her Lemonade music video is especially notorious and therefore a solid choice to replicate for any Halloween costume.

Again, this is a costume that is relatively easy to put together, as you will only need a floor-length, yellow dress (the more detailed, the better), pumps, and a baseball bat to complete the look.

Tina Belcher

There are countless online threads regarding Tina Belcher and her young, feminist attitude. It’s rare to feel inspired by an animated character, and yet many relate to and praise Tina Belcher for her optimism, bravery, confidence, and total nerdiness.

To put together this look, you simply need a short blue skirt, a blue t-shirt, calf-high white socks (with bonus points for red stripes) and black Converse. If you’re looking to add detail, grab a short black wig and black-framed glasses.

Elle Woods

Despite being released nearly 20 years ago, Legally Blonde is still extremely iconic, with blonde bombshell Elle Woods reigning supreme in terms of feminist heroes. Proving every stereotype wrong, Woods is a powerful reminder that women are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to.

This is a fun costume to take on, because you can go as extreme or understated as you’d like. In terms of what you need to pull it off, simply don a blonde wig and wear pink, and the rest is totally up to you. You can opt for her courtroom apparel, her loungewear, anything goes! Bonus points if you dress up your dog as Bruiser.

Rosie the Riveter

Finally, there’s the original feminist icon against which all others will be measured: Rosie the Riveter. Rosie the Riveter was utilized in a campaign during the second World War to entice women to work for defense industries. The phrase “we can do it” is still a powerful reminder that women are capable of anything.

Piecing this costume together takes minimal effort, and you likely have most of the elements already in your closet at home. All you need are blue jeans, a blue, button-down shirt, and a red bandana for your hair. The rest is up to you! Dress the look up or down based on your personal style, and you’ll be inspiring all the women you pass this Halloween.

Halloween is creeping around the corner quickly, leaving slim pickings when it comes to putting together a costume. However, there are plenty of options out there that can be whipped up in a flash and without a compromise in quality. So lose the stress, get dolled up, and enjoy the Halloween festivities ahead of you, feminist style!

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