Levi’s 101: The Best Styles from This Heritage Brand

Levi’s jeans have been around for, well, forever. They’re basically an institution in the fashion world. While they have some core styles that have been around since the beginning of time, their assortment has grown immensely. If you haven’t been a dedicated Levi’s fan since the beginning, you may not know where to begin. Having a pair of Levi’s is well worth the investment. They’re well-made denim that can withstand years of wear, and you truly never have to worry about them going out of style. Let’s break down Levi’s staple styles you must buy to build a solid foundation with this historic brand.

Wedgie Straight

This is the “everybody” jean. It’s a straight-fit denim, which means it falls between a skinny and a flare or boot cut. Simply put, it’s a classic fit. The benefits we love most about the Wedgie are its high-rise and booty support. Seriously, everyone’s butt looks amazing in these jeans. Like most Levi’s, the denim is more rigid, so they will hug every curve. If you are making your first Levi’s purchase, let it be these. Trust us; they’ll make you a convert for life.

Levi’s: Wedgie Straight (click here )

711 Skinny

Levi’s offers a super skinny, a skinny, and a slim fit. You may be asking yourself, what could be the difference between those three fits? Honestly, it has the most to do with the leg opening. It’s controversial, but many people are ditching their super skinnies. However, the skinny is a universally-flattering fit, so it’s included on this list. The 711 Skinny strikes a balance between a jean that’s so skinny it looks painful and a straight fit. This is an excellent jean to create a chic nighttime look or elevated day outfit. It comes in a variety of washes and is currently on sale!

Levi’s: the 711 Skinny (click here)


This is a fan favorite that you’ll want in every wash. They are super high-rise, very rigid, and contour to your body like chiseled marble. Trust us; the drama is warranted. These are somewhat similar to the Wedgie, but these make a serious statement. The rise is higher and therefore has more of a fashion edge than an everyday jean appeal. You can count on them to slim and lengthen, making them the go-to choice when you need to look your absolute best. They look amazing with everything from a sneaker to a heel. In short: Buy these jeans.

Levi’s: Ribcage (click here)

Original Trucker Jacket

Bonus item: They’re not jeans, but if you need a classic denim jacket, look no further. This is the wear-with-everything denim jacket that you wish you had every fall or spring evening. It’s the perfect length and comes in four washes to match your denim preferences. Throw it over a sundress, or add a little edge to your night time look. Every wardrobe needs a quality denim jacket; it’s a classic staple.

Levi’s: Original Trucker Jacket (click here)

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