Hey, Put Some New Shoes On: Breaking In New Shoes 101

We’ll set the scene for you: You finally bought that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing for months. And now that you’ve got the perfect outfit to debut them, it’s time to break them in. If you think it’s going to be a long, grueling process of pain and blisters, think again! We’re here with some pain-free tips for breaking in new (snug) shoes.

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Protect Your Sensitive Spots

First thing’s first: Protect the spots you know will take a hit, such as your heels and pinkie toes. If you aren’t sure where your hot spots are, walk around your home for a while in your shoes and identify any areas you feel discomfort. Then, protect those spots with Band-Aids, medical tape, or gauze. For the ultimate stretch, wear your thickest socks with shoes that need to be broken in – or wear multiple pairs of socks at once if you don’t have any that are thick enough.

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Apply Heat

If you’re breaking in leather shoes, put on your chunkiest socks, grab your blow-dryer, and direct the heat to the areas of your shoes that feel tight. Keep the heat for about 20 to 30 seconds, and then, while the leather is still soft and warm, walk around your home and move your foot around, stretching out the shoes as much as you can. If they’re still not quite there, you can run through this process again.

Try the Ice Method

If you thought the blow-dryer method was a little out there, wait until we tell you about this next trick. First, grab a resealable plastic bag (sandwich or quart-sized) and fill it halfway with water. Next, seal that bag and place it inside another, larger, resealable bag (gallon-sized this time). Then, put the bags inside your shoes, place shoes in the freezer, and patiently wait. As ice forms, it expands, which means your shoe will as well. Remove your shoes from the freezer and try them on for size. They should feel comfortably broken in.

(image via glamour via stockholm-streetstyle.com)

Use a Potato

Hear us out. If you’re trying to stretch out your shoe, use a potato. Yes, a potato. First, peel a wet potato and dry it off. Wrap a paper towel around it, and place the potato in the toe of your shoe. Leave it there for 12 to 24 hours. Remove the potato, then move it on over to the other shoe. (Or use two potatoes!)

Do you have any tips or tricks for breaking in new shoes? Let us know in the comments below!

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