Four Hacks That Will Help Your Clothes Fit Better in a Pinch

Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling when you buy a dress or top in the same size you always are, but for some reason, it just doesn’t fit right? Admittedly, we aren’t great with a sewing machine, and alterations can be costly, so we put together a few easy hacks that will help your clothes fit better in no time.

Front Knots

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This hack works for oversized T-shirts, button-downs, chambrays, and more. If you have a shirt that is too big to tuck in all the way, simply twist it in the front and tie a knot. The top will fit your body, stay in place all day, and add visual interest and dimension to your outfit.


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We get it: It’s summer, and the last thing you want is layers! But adding one lightweight layer can be the difference between getting to wear that dress versus having to find a new one. For example, if you have a slip dress that is too low cut or even just a little sheer, you can become an instant ’90s rock goddess by adding a white tee or tank top underneath.

The Bra Trick

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If you haven’t seen this one on TikTok, then allow us to enlighten you. This hack is for cropping a tee, which can save a number of outfits. The trick is to simply tuck an oversized T-shirt into the bottom of your bra: Suddenly, you have a cropped top that stays in place – and you have control over how long or how short it is. This hack is also great for dresses: Wear your bra over your dress and tuck a shirt in from there. This can add color to your ’fit and even out any proportions.

Falling Bottoms

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Few things are more jarring than thinking you’re about to lose your bottoms! So the next time you have a pair of pants or a skirt that fits a little loose, try tucking in your shirt. The extra fabric should fill those spaces and allow you to relax. If this doesn’t work, pull your bottoms up a little higher than you typically would and secure them with a belt. No belt loops? No problem! You’re pulling your pants up a little higher, so no one can tell!


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